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  1. Thank you for your informative post Senor WoodenMarker, Just want to ask how bad is the noise? Isn't it true that setting it up as intake at front of the case is much better than exhaust at back of the case? since it will be getting much cooler air in front of the case as intake config as compared to much hotter GPU heated air at exhaust config? I just checked Corsair H45 product page couldn't see anywhere where its recommended config is exhaust at back
  2. Hi guys,Warm greetings! Newbie here. I want to ask "Is Corsair H45 really that great that is outperforms so many 240mm radiator liquid coolers priced so much higher?" If so why isn't it more popular? What are the caveats one must be aware of when choosing this? I mean this is a Tier 3 cooler and has a 5 year warranty from corsair, what am I missing here?