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    I5 6600
  • RAM
    8gb ddr3
  • GPU
    AMD radeon r9 270x
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    248 gb ssd + 1tb hdd

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  1. Okay so i bought Huawei p smart z and used it for a while, wholesome phone, few months down the road front camera pops up but doesn't seem to work it only shows black screen, ive reseted my whole phone 2 times, didn't fix it. Any help?
  2. Then i have to cut it myself and i may scratch it even more
  3. My didnt come with a clear case it came with a screen protector only. This model comes with case only in some county's
  4. Id like to get a skin but there is non for my phone if you've got any links plese give me
  5. But i dont want to do that since ive bought it 2 weeks ago and are you sure polishing will not work its plastic
  6. So I've bought new Huawei p smart z and im pretty happy with it. However after few weekw ive already scratched the back since its plastic. Its not that bad mostly micro scratches but its annoying. Is there a way i can polish those off or something.
  7. I use that gpu on my personal rig and it works great, i have a bottleneck i use i5 660
  8. Do you think that windforce r9 270x is a overkill?
  9. Yeah i know can you link me 1 more kit of 4gb if its not a problem
  10. What ddr is it i think that it needs at least 8gb of ram