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  1. It's a bit late for me to return it now, especially as I need it for work as well. Looking at their website, this PSU isn't on the list of possible components, and they said it should be 80+ bronze at least, so I screenshotted and I am going to push for a replacement through that. I knew some of the components wouldn't be great, but I needed something cheaper to convince my parents, and I hoped they would last long enough until they forgot about original price and I could just replace them with something better lol But in the meantime I will definitely try out the power limit
  2. What wattage PSU would you reccomend? These are the two cables that are then combined into the 8 pin socket
  3. Yeah that is kind of what I thought might be the problem. I got it on black friday as a super cheap prebuilt. I can probably warranty it with the company, and hopefully get a better quality one. Thanks for the advice
  4. So I recently purchased a system, MB: Biostar B45M2 BIOS: BIOS Date: 11/19/19 13:46:29 Ver: 05.0000E Ryzen 5 3500X Memory 16GB Radeon RX 5700, Driver: 26.20.13031.20012 Has happened on multiple different drivers Aywun 700 watt PSU (https://www.ebay.com.au/p/14011376454?iid=113886836736&) My PC has crashed multiple times now, while using chrome as well as playing games (CSGO, Apex, Modern Warfare) It crashes to a green screen every time, which stays on screen for 2-3 seconds before the PC reboots Would anyone be able to advise me on the cause?
  5. So would you guys definitely recommend waiting for the new cards to come out before building?
  6. From what I heard, the new 20 series are all going up a price bracket, so that would make the 2070 pretty expensive. When they come out, how much do you guys think the 10 series prices will drop by?
  7. I am looking to build a gaming pc for between $1200 and $1500 AUD. This would include monitor, but not other peripherals (OS, keyboard/mouse). I was hoping for a 1060 build, with something like a 1600x or a i5 8400, but if you guys have other recommendations I am completely open to them as well. I would mainly be playing games at 1080p like Warframe, COD, R6, RPG's (fallout, elder scrolls) and other similar games. This is a completely new build, so starting from scratch!