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  • Birthday 1991-01-22

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    Australia, QLD, Brisbane, RUSSIA
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    gaming, (TF2 (Team fortress 2) and R6S (Rainbow 6 Siege), drones (surveillance and/or Military grade) and building the best computer that is vodka cooled.
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    We shall go on to the end. We shall fight in France, we shall fight on the seas and oceans, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be. We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender
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    made of things i found in a scrap heap
  • Motherboard
    from mother russia, derrr
  • RAM
    its a goat
  • GPU
    how do i download a GPU.?
  • Case
    you need a lawyer
  • Storage
    insert yo mama so fat joke here
  • PSU
    a series of lemons
  • Display(s)
    a nokia, no kia no nokia
  • Cooling
    work in progress, vodka cooled
  • Keyboard
    being board is key
  • Mouse
    its a pet
  • Sound
    russian hard bass (bass the fish)
  • Operating System
    windows, the one i broke with a baseball

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  1. If you chose the Purple Pill, If you chose the Green Pill, If you chose the Yellow Pill, If you chose the Blue Pill, If you chose the non existent Red Pill,
  2. In the news of today's news:

    Schnoz has a PE shirt he hasn't washed since the beginning of school

    @Ultrasnoop is still a News Host working for BuzzFeed 

    and Pascal... thinks Schnoz is disgusting because he doesn't wash his shirt.


    (the shitty music they play over the news when they move from the intro to the body of the report plays)


    hello and welcome to the news of today not yesterday, i am your host @UltrasnoopSchnoz has decided to not wash his PE shirt that could cause problems to his health and others, we have one of our reporters down at the scene now. @Ultrasnoop how contaminated is Schnoz's PE shirt.

    thanks @Ultrasnoop the WHO has brought themselves down here to give it a the PE shirt a wash but it seems it is just too dirty so they have done an ol switcheroo and replaced it with a new and PE shirt.

    thanks @Ultrasnoop now on the second story of the day where i now work at BuzzFeed, obviously i don't because that would be biased (string, (canned laugh)). and onto the last story of the day before the weather.


    Pascal... thinks Schnoz is disgusting because he doesn't wash his shirt, you would be right there Pascal....


    now the weather, australia is still on fire, no surprise there i see because we know its full of smokes crackheads and lighters. i don't think i have to explain why the fires started in the first place. back in 2018 a Pro gamer breaks up with what is named the worlds sexists weather girl. of cause this is no surprise still because gamers are known to take a nut and play Raid Shadow Legends which brings us to that this Shows is sponsored by not Raid Shadow Legends but the wonderful people on patron.


    thankyou and have a good day


    (this too me 40 mins to wright this time)

    (this was originally posted here https://linustechtips.com/main/profile/313534-windows7ge/?status=257176&type=status)

    1. Schnoz


      Why did you leak the script for tomorrow's news report again?! xD

    2. Ultrasnoop


      "In the news of today's news"

  3. @RonnieOPWelcome to Australia mate
  4. image.jpeg.885b5cd282fa20c43a065b85ee1a167d.jpeg


    and the best MEME of all:

    Image result for aussie meme

    1. greenmax


      Should be a burnt landscape, lots of fires going on...what the world knows these days about aussies

    2. Ultrasnoop


      there only a couple still burning

      Image result for where are the fires in australia

  5. i went on the internet today, and i found this:


    i don't know why but when i click on the link it sends me to my profile and i haven't seen this before.

    anyone know or can help.

    1. minibois


      Not sure what you are asking, but I think I can see the connection between you and this image:



    2. Schnoz


      Probably a doxxing bot. One like that took my pfp and name off my personal email account and put it on their site with a bunch of porn accounts. 

    3. Ultrasnoop


      @minibois *facepalm* I forgot i had followers

      @Schnoz That has happened to me before, i love how google puts you in weird and wonderful places. mostly weird.

  6. in the news that is later today



    Schnoz has stopped shiting on the forum as much a he normally does, this is making people to believe that the admins have gotten involved and have taken him hostage to stop him from taking his shit to high shit levels


    more news later when i stop having the admins wave their ban hammers around my head.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Ultrasnoop


      nore am i a show host, your on some amount of crack my man. lucky here in australia we have em all around us

      (reference to australia being full of crackheads and not being on a crack (but having them around) of a tectonic plate)

    3. Schnoz





    4. Ultrasnoop


      Spy: This is a bucket

      Soldier: Oh God

      Spy: There's more

      Soldier: No


  7. Australia's "NASA"

    Image result for AUSTRALIAN MEME

    1. greenmax


      Andrew "Andy" Sydney Withiel Thomas, AO is an Australian-born American aerospace engineer and a NASA astronaut. He became a U.S. citizen in December 1986, hoping to gain entry to NASA's astronaut program. He is married to fellow NASA astronaut Shannon Walker.

    2. Ultrasnoop


      i don't know what crack your on but that a boomerang my man, not a history lesson.

  8. I will make a statement and disagree, it depends on the parent and how they were brought up. My parents for example let me do what i want to to, they pay me for my chores and don't worry about my homework anymore. All of this is because i got fed up of the helicopter, and they let me shoot it down.
  9. In Australia where i life we can do a PrepL that cost $2bucks more than the original test but if you fail you can keep trying without having to pay again. It replaces the paper test, not the driving test. None of what i said is helpful unless your in Australia, but i don't care.
  10. i think my cover photo suits itselfs. too bad you can't see all of it.


    Edit: unless your on mobile