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  1. I'm not entirely sure about that. The test that they ran with shroud was comparing a 60 fps on a 60 hz display, a 300fps on a 60hz display, and 240 fps at 240hz. That test in particular is what made me ask the question. I know when I disable v-sync that my frame counter jumps up to RL's limit of 250 fps. I simply wasn't sure how G-sync plays into all the data anyway
  2. So I just finished watching Linus's Shroud video and he brought up that it can be beneficial to have a higher framerate than the refresh rate of your monitor. I currently have a 144hz g-sync display and have always run games with v-sync enabled. Should I stop this and let my games like Rocket League run at the higher framerates for better response time or leave V-sync the way I have it now?
  3. The old monitor does not have this problem. I will try turning off gsync. I have been using the new monitor for about 2 months now. This problem has persisted after many restarts. i will say this monitor was doing it from day one. I have updated all the drivers. I'll let you know what happens after gsync is turned off
  4. Hello everyone. I am experiencing a problem problem that I cannot seem to understand. I bought an acer Z271 gsync monitor for my computer. The problem I am having is that when the framrate dips, there is a greenish haze around objects and slight flickering. Could it be a bad displayport cable or is there something more serious going on. I will send photos as soon as I get the chance. Thank you for the help Yours Truly, WJracer i5 6600k @ 4.6ghz MSI Gtx 980ti Asrock extreme4 z170 motherboard Acer z271 gsync monitor 980w dell psu