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    DELL R710 MK1
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    16GB DDR3 ECC 1600Mhz
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    Server Chassis 2U
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    Dual 870W
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    Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS with GUI

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  1. I was only joking about LTT being enterprise. Lol. My homelab is more of a hobby to me than anything else at the moment. Was interersted to see what Linus decided to go with in the end. I think that ZFS ontop of Ubuntu 18.04TLS will do the trick alongside NFS over 10G
  2. I already have a homelab with Proxmox runnning in a cluster, I just wanted to see how a media production company configures their storage, what software and what protocols they use.
  3. Hi there, from watching Linus's videos over the years he has mentioned that he has used FreeNAS, Unraid, GlusterFS on CentOS, and Windows server in his server room and server workflow. Any clear logical idea on how this all fits together and what his use case is for each software. I am trying to setup software for my own homelab to play around with enterprise software. Thanks.
  4. seems like you had a power surge after the thunderstorm that killed one of your ram slots and damaged your motherboard. A new motherboard is your best bet.
  5. Browsing the web, Reddit, Youtube, managing my homelab. Testing out linux live usb's. playing World of tanks, Xonotic, Robocraft. (All run fine on GT750m) CAD, video editing (rendering of CAD and video will be done by a server), photoshop, coding (python html). That type of stuff.
  6. So i have been googling and searching ebay for a while now. My current computer is a Dell Inspiron 7537 [i7 4500U] and so pretty much anything desktop based would be an upgrade. My budget is around £250. I have arrived at the conclusion that I would like the workstation to be xeon based and must be relatively new at least 3rd Gen. The setup that i am looking at now is: E3-1220v3 Gigabyte GA-B85M-DH3 32GB Non-ECC ram Must have at least 1 pcie x8 and 1 pcie x16 also single or dual socket doesn't matter. However I want to make sure that there is not an alternative that i am missing out on. I've seen all the X58 build logs but truth be told i already have a few Dell R710's to do rendering and other heavy work. I just need a semi-powerful workstation that is power efficient as I cant justify running an R710 for reading reddit and watching LTT . Thanks.
  7. @Mikensan Was it the MNPA19-XTR by any chance. Also what DAC cables are you using. I have heard that in general SFP compatibility can be pretty annoying.
  8. @Mikensan What 10G Cards are you running? What model? ConnectX-2 or ConnectX-3? I am looking at getting some myself soon. Thanks
  9. @babadoctorHi there. Sometimes ubuntu forgets to ask the router to be assigned an ip. To resolve this first make sure that you have root (sudo) level permissions. Then follow this guide: https://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/howto-linux-renew-dhcp-client-ip-address/ Hope this helps
  10. @Electronics Wizardy Thanks for the help man!! Was the server a dell r710 by any chance/ Do you have the emulex card model number? Also just thinking that it may have been a lubuntu issue as i was using lubuntu at the time as opposed to vanilla ubuntu.
  11. @Electronics Wizardy Yep. Although in the networking tab i set the ethernet connection to forced 1gbe full duplex so maybe it was a glitch. Any chance you could share your setup software, hardware, and smb.conf file please? It would help me out very much. TBH i have no problem using a fresh install of ubuntu 16.04lts and using it. Any experience with iscsi on samba. Thinking of using it to provide storage for my R710 proxmox server.
  12. @Electronics Wizardy It's not that ubuntu with samba itself seems janky. What happened was that on ubuntu 16.04.2LTS ubuntu with samba worked really well. Over gigabit ethernet i was getting 115-120Mb/second all day long. However when i installed Ubuntu 18.04LTS with samba on a second server it was just about hitting 12Mb/second. I tried everything from using the same config as the first server and the likes. It just wouldn't work and it seems that lots of people have had the same problems. Both were using intel pcie nics and had a 840evo 120gb as a test share to make sure that there was not bottlenecks except the OS it would appear.