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    DELL R710 MK1
  • RAM
    16GB DDR3 ECC 1600Mhz
  • Case
    Server Chassis 2U
  • PSU
    Dual 870W
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    Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS with GUI

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  1. Rehmat

    Another Petabyte

    @Lurick Linus mentioned in a previous video that the second 45drives server was powered of for a while to save on power on hours on the drives themselves but has since turned both servers on as is visible is his 10gig internet video.
  2. Rehmat

    Another Petabyte

    @Salv8 (sam) that would be a nice change for the recent stuff. Lol. Cant wait.
  3. Rehmat

    Another Petabyte

    So recently linus posted on the ltt account that there was only 21tb of space left in petabyte project. What do u reckon will happen? Another Petabyte? He sure has the space for it in his rack. Will @LinusTech reveal his new secrets to us?
  4. Rehmat

    MSI Z97 G43

    @faziten are you sure that it will work as i have found no mention of compatibility on the msi website? just want to make sure before i buy.
  5. HI all Am looking at getting an msi z97 g43 motherboard for use with a intel e3 1220v3 xeon. i know that other motherboards such as the Gigabyte GA-B85M-D3H even though it is a b85 chipset. the reason for going xeon is price to performance. Does anybody know if the msi z97 g43 supports xeons as it does not mention it on their website. All it says is max cpu supported i7. Thanks
  6. Rehmat

    What connector is this?

    s-video by the looks of it whats the other side of the cable connected to?
  7. Rehmat

    Motherboard Decisions

    @Jurrunio i know the this cpu is locked but wanted to upgrade to the i7 4790k in the future @ELSknutson so the gigabyte would be more reliable?
  8. Rehmat

    Motherboard Decisions

    @ELSknutson @Jurrunio asus actually enabled OC in a recent bios update. Dont know about the gigabyte board tho. Also what do you mean "not that great"?
  9. Hi all. I have a choice of two motherboards: Gigabyte B85M-D3H Asus Q87m-e I will be using this with a e3 1220v3. These boards have been chosen for their Xeon compatibility dual pcie slots (x16 and x4) and overclocking ability. Has anybody had experience with either and is one better than the other? Also is their any known faults
  10. Rehmat

    Xeon workstation build

    @LienusLateTips both xeons do not have graphics so i was planning on using a gtx750/1030 and a 10gbe fiber card. I have not been able to find a x58 mobo with pcie x16 for gpu and at least an x4 for 10gbe.
  11. Rehmat

    Xeon workstation build

    @LienusLateTips would the x5650 be better in real world than the e3 1220 v1? Also just looking at ebay Uk both build would be a similar price. An intel dq67ow mobo with a e3 1220v1 with ram would work out to about £90. A x5650 with ram and mobo would work out to £150 . also what psu 450w+ would you recommend?
  12. Rehmat

    Xeon workstation build

    @BigDamn @Mojanguser @UrbanFreestyle TBH i have a dual x5650 based server and would like to go newer for future-proofing. Any ideas how much your build cost and what parts you used? Thanks My budget is around £200 ish not including the case
  13. HI all. just wanted and get some opinions on my extreme price/performance budget xeon workstation before i build it. Xeon E3-1220 v3 AsRock B85M PRO4 8GB DDR3 1333mhz Nvidia gtx 750 Evga 500B PSU I decided to go with a xeon chip as it provided most performance/pound and it is still very capable and much cheaper than its i7 counterparts. This workstation will be used for photoshop, lightroom, CAD, and chrome browsing. I dont plan on doing gaming with this system. Also it would be interesting to find out if the e3 1220 v1 is still as good in real-life usage as the v3 version. I have looked at online benchmarks but have not found much other than the typical synthetic stuff. If the e3 1220v1 is the same as the v3 then i might go with it as a cheaper option. BTW I am uk based if that makes a difference. Also if anybody can tell me if there is a better budget xeon build i'll be happy to find out Thanks
  14. Rehmat

    Xeon Workstation Build HELP

    @brob no other than xeons are cheaper and offer simmilar performance to i7. Also ecc ram is cheap and this workstation will put put into sleep when not in use as opposed to shutdown so ram reliability is important
  15. I would buy now and get an XPS 15