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    Not Telling
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    computers, electronics, and video games


  • CPU
    intel i5 8250u
  • Motherboard
    vivobook 14'' mobo
  • RAM
    1x8 2400Mhz ddr4 soddered
  • GPU
    intel uhd 620
  • Case
    vivobook 14'' chassis
  • Storage
    256Gb sandisk m.2
  • PSU
    45w adapter
  • Display(s)
    1920x1080 ips 14''
  • Cooling
    intergrated heatsink and fan
  • Mouse
    wireless logitech mouse
  • Sound
    onboard audio
  • Operating System
    win 10

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  1. get a prebuilt with a terrible power supply (200-280w) and see what you can squeeze out of it without it releasing its magic blue smoke
  2. dont worry about it, local school was throwing them out, its a junker rig at best.
  3. so i have an old hp 8300 elite sff pc with a proprietary power supply, both electrically and physically not compatible with a usual psu. does anyone think 240W is enough to run the motherboard, a ssd, the cpu (an i5 3470 ~80W tdp), and a slot powered graphics card, something like a rx 460 or a gtx 1050.
  4. I was just watching YouTube when it just shut off. When I attempted to power it on again the power and wireless led’s turned on then the power killed itself after about a second. I don’t know what the issue is, but I’ve had little success on the hp support forums.
  5. no im pretty sure its a different program because ive used cinebench before and havent seen the graph they show sometimes when reviewing a cpu.
  6. i had a closer look, and found a model number near a fcc label model: p231
  7. the only info ive got is is got a dms 59 port and has a nvidia logo on the pcb.
  8. anybody know what type of nvidia card this is?
  9. to be clear, im just looking for what type of conector it is. (btw ive fount its dms 59 now)