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  1. TNU_Chaleur

    My 144hz Monitor can Overclock to 240hz

    yes. the UFO says its 240. I have it on 220 to be on the safe side. also i got it for 159$
  2. TNU_Chaleur

    My 144hz Monitor can Overclock to 240hz

    I just bought this monitor on amazon and found out it can overclock to a 240hz monitor. Is that normal? i know its not safe. i use it on 144 just to be safe.
  3. TNU_Chaleur

    Best AIO or Cooler for Ryzen 7 2700x?

    I did put thermal paste. Twice. I sent the CPU to AMD for a replacement and the new one is on it's way. Im.using a 2200G for the mean time on an RTX 2070.
  4. My motherboard is - Auros x470 Ultra Gaming ATX My Case in an eATX I need a Cooler to make my rezen CPU run cooler because I keep seeing 90° on Stock cooler.
  5. i recently updated windows and also high performace. i also had to update my bios from the old one cuz i had the same problem
  6. stock cooler. about 75°
  7. I bought this 2700x 2 months ago Brand new and was running just fine with 84.50° and 2 months later games like fornite are stuttering a lot and i was able to stream and play. Now i can barely even hit 200 FPS in game with low settings. There is a picture of the CPU on Full load. Why is it at 3.2GHz? i used to always be on 3.9GHz. I have changed the thermal paste on it. and even tried overclocking it and it just shoots to 90°
  8. TNU_Chaleur

    Problem with Ryzen 7 2700x

    X470 144hz monitor
  9. TNU_Chaleur

    Problem with Ryzen 7 2700x

    I think that would work. Thx
  10. TNU_Chaleur

    Problem with Ryzen 7 2700x

  11. I just made my new PC and I am having 1 problem with the ryzen 7 2700x I play BF4 mostly and from time to time the game studders. It seems to be a timely thing and it's like the cpu drops at a specific time. Specs GPU- RTX 2070 CPU 7 2700X MOTHERBOARD X470 Auros Ultra gaming. Stock cooler ram 2x8GB Crosair RAM can someone help me fix this studder issue or help me boost my cpu. I dont want to fully overclock but I did enable XMR
  12. TNU_Chaleur

    PC wont boot.

    I just bought a ryzen 2700x and a x470 aorus gaming mobo. I plugged everything correctly and it wont boot. I get a no signal on my monitor. I tried HDMI and dvi and also connected it to my motherboard and still nothing. I have tried every way to fix it and yet nothing. PC part picker says everything works. I even have an rtx 2070. Also the cpu gets hot so it means it connects fine right? As you can see from the pics. The lion/logo on the rgb led on the motherboard is suppose to turn on but nothing happens. My pay worked fine on my old PC and not it wont work. The red light keeps beeping and I dont know why too.
  13. TNU_Chaleur

    Update my bios without boot kit

    DC Virginia Maryland.
  14. I just bought a ryzen 7 2700x and my dumb Ass found out my B350M pro VDH would not boot. I ordered an old cpu from Ebay but I'll have to wait, as usual. Is there a way i can update my bios without the old gen cpu? Also if anyone lives in the DMV area will like to helf me boot up. I'll be happy. Thx