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  1. BoggerBoss

    New monitor

    im looking for a new display preferably 144Hz, IPS, 20ms or under response time, 1440p, widesreen would be nice, and needs to be able to deliver to new zealand. ive been having trouble finding a good display a good price
  2. BoggerBoss

    OC option differences

    so the only real differences are the core clocks?
  3. BoggerBoss

    OC option differences

    That's just what it says on newegg
  4. BoggerBoss

    OC option differences

    what is the differences between; Gaming OC, IXOC, OC, and WF2OC?
  5. BoggerBoss

    Iphone X give away?

    No yeah. I'm like 99% sure this is spam. It said "thank you for commenting on my video" pfft. Linus would never do that
  6. BoggerBoss

    Iphone X give away?

    Is this real or spam? Why would they use Google or even give away an iPhone? They don't like apple
  7. BoggerBoss

    chrome cast ultra

    I have fiber 100. 100mb/s download, and its 5G
  8. BoggerBoss

    chrome cast ultra

    is it worth getting an ultra for my 4k tv? I found a refurbished one here https://www.1-day.co.nz/products/google-chromecast-6 which is cheaper than a normal chrome cast. is this site trustworthy? could anyone help?
  9. BoggerBoss

    International delivery for giveaways?

    I guess that makes sense. Although i have entered competitions and giveaways from America and Canada before. So I know there is a way around these laws
  10. BoggerBoss

    International delivery for giveaways?

    I don't necessarily mean any that are on now. I understand that they can't just change the rules of the giveaway. Im meaning for future giveaways.
  11. I mean. I realise it's expensive. But if I win a giveaway I am 100% willing to pay for shipping myself...? If this is at all possible that would be amazing.
  12. BoggerBoss

    choosing between the mate 20 or the note9

    the problem with the storage is the ram. is it worth paying extra for the 2Gb extra ram?
  13. so the prices are the same for me in new zealand. not sure what to get. also should i get the 128gb, 6gb ram or 512gb, 8gb ram?
  14. we have been doing this in new zealand for about a year now but with phones. the idea is you leave an app open over night as your phone is charging and they use the processing power to help cancer research.\
  15. BoggerBoss

    LTT video cant find. plz help

    did they do a video on it though? i barely care about it anymore but the fact that i dont know if the video exists is annoying me