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  1. the platters are not influenced by magnets, there are 1-2 tiny very strong magnets inside HDD too
  2. i know how it feels, I got the 1700 at msrp ~329 not regretting ONLY IF I think this way, if it wasnt me supporting amd, they will never come up these amazing product
  3. Directly copied from gamernexus AMD somewhat silently released a new CPU -- the AMD Ryzen 5 1600 AF -- which is technically a better R5 1600, but with the same name. It's a 12nm part rather than 14nm, something we confirmed with AMD, and that brings with it benefits for power efficiency, overclocking headroom, and even stock performance (in a significant fashion). In this benchmark, we're looking at the AMD R5 1600 "AE" (the original) versus the R5 1600 AF, the R5 2600 (which we need to do some refreshed testing on once we're back from CES, but it hasn't changed much), and the R5 3600. The R5 1600 AF impressed us, especially at the budget CPU price, and has established itself as one of the best budget CPUs for gaming or light production workloads. oh dear this truly redefined the budget
  4. until something breaks, usually 4+ years if that part is cpu/ mobo, meaning a platform upgrade
  5. really depends which type of case you like, eg I personally feel the cube case is small enough, eg https://www.thermaltake.com/core-v1.html
  6. you will be looking for bios flashback feature eg on some msi boards. OR check on box on production date, pick ones after 3rd gen ryzen
  7. I believe the colour cords are pretty standard and the extras are really for extra/ optional features just googled theres a bunch of these adapters selling online (for miners?) so dont freak out if you dont fully reconnect all cables
  8. your 970 could output 4 monitors. and if you need extra hardware / adapters for the 5th one, its mostly isnt worth it i.e. extra power & heat to handle the 590
  9. you are definitely missing the fate PC game ...18+ emiya gohan, Carnival Phantasm and you didnt mentioned the sakura route of fate thats all i think? what about the Kara no Kyōkai?
  10. this is an issue if you get a renewed gpu with is obviously damaged before
  11. check with gigabyte to see re-pasting voids warranty or not, i.e. sticker covering the screw or a screw may have loosen
  12. oh well, theres really no hard clearance limitations on these shorter tower. you cant really go wrong with ryzen 2600/2700/3600 and gtx1660 super (1080p 60 fps gaming) or higher with sapphire rx5700xt pulse/ nitro
  13. you will certainly need a discrete GPU for these games before that pick a case you like first, mini ITX is very tricky in parts clearance eg: SilverStone SG13, cube case ... if you like it
  14. as said, its fake or at least he own a ps4 and streaming on his pc
  15. no ps4 emulators out yet, all are fakes out there therefore not falling under piracy
  16. if you can find good buyers , these parts do hold the its price regardless of its performance nowadays
  17. meanwhile, grab a external sata to usb3 cable, it makes a good portable HDD, comes in very handy indead
  18. wasnt the ref 5700 terrible? at least 580 from sapphire should have better reputation..
  19. NOTHING WORTH UPGRADING! ryzen 1700 + gtx970 fully capable of 60fps 1080p gaming next possible upgrade would be a good 1080p 144Hz monitor ~$150 in 2021??
  20. this time evga looks weak on cooling side with just tiny heatpipes
  21. yeah thats too much. sure I need to dig up some trash to find the cd and hope the cd rom still function, but thats already too much to do. time to free up some space~~