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  1. dgsddfgdfhgs

    Will you check price after you made purchase?

    uk is gooood~~
  2. this happens alot, prices drop right after you buy that item..... when like you just buy the game, the next day it has been cracked I am the person who is trying hard not to look a it but doesnt help.......
  3. just an additional watermark on screen, no other cons. which can easily be solved
  4. why would you like to keep anything from previous user?
  5. danger by undervolt and OC? damage to permanent hardware > very unlikely minimal chance unstable performance/ OS > most likely
  6. dgsddfgdfhgs

    Ryzen 5 2600 a bottleneck?

    Ubisoft and denuvo, = worst performance ever
  7. dgsddfgdfhgs

    PC not working as it supposed to be for 3 years

    do you think its the "new" gpu drivers again? it has been reported some Nvidia drivers lowers performance of old gpu
  8. dgsddfgdfhgs

    PC not working as it supposed to be for 3 years

    I doubt anything related to temp affects it, its just a gtx 970 / i5 4460, when overheating, they just go back to stock base clock, and not any lower. I had an i5 2500 and stock cooler not installed properly and had idle temps at 80C for 2 years. I didnt notice performance drop. same as my gtx970, clock doesnt do below 1342mhz when overheat
  9. dgsddfgdfhgs

    GTX 970, anormal High Temps

    you have done everything you could on hardware, maybe its the game issue. same issue on other games? I notice some games are poorly optimized and gpu temps may be badly affected, temps are just different for games running at gpu100%. try tuning fan curves and see if there is any throttling,
  10. dgsddfgdfhgs

    broken gpu fan

    I may have linked a diff card fan, but Im sure you will find some around. also its not a must to use dr / cr card if you dont feel save
  11. dgsddfgdfhgs

    broken gpu fan

    btw zotac comes with 5yr warranty, they should fix it for you
  12. dgsddfgdfhgs

    broken gpu fan

    replacement fans: https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a230r. seems you can replace it for cheap.
  13. dgsddfgdfhgs

    Is this build decent

    usually I got these as gift for even from very cheap mouse and keyboards
  14. dgsddfgdfhgs

    Is this build decent

    $30 mouse pad.... what?
  15. dgsddfgdfhgs

    x470 vs b450

    mem issue was fixed even for most B350, not "officially "support by AMD but mobo manufacturer . double check mobo website.