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  1. and also nvidia made all gpu without "super" obsolete, next one is 2080ti
  2. just did a quick search in taobao- chinazi https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a230r. & https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a230r.
  3. we have some amazing stuffs this year like the ryzen 3600, gtx1650/1660 super, 5700xt and more which offers great value some may think we have gone very far, but imo we are stuck / nothing improved...simply becoz i was thinking they are just cheaper of older techs 2 yrs ago eg 8700k > 3600 gtx 970 >1060 (3gb) > 1650 super gtx1070 > 1660 super 1080 > 5700xt... then I lost all motivation to upgrades, do you feel the same?
  4. its actually by trial and error, everyone wants the most "efficient" tool/ apps but end up downloading all craps & malware/ virus.. my advice, get the one you only need, ignore drivers unless you face some issues (time will tell) reinstall windows is ultra fast so you really couldnt go wrong, just remember to backup. only thing with ryzen , be careful with the pins on cpu, its blazing fast enough by default
  5. this is ram result, not ssd disable ram caching
  6. depend on your region, eg here WD HSGT goldstar 8 TB is relatively cheap
  7. h61 is the barebone chipset which you can only buy new right now, all other stopped production... other chipsets have fancier io/ ports/ slots etc only consider when you have everything else already on hand
  8. it still have 4 heatpipes. but the thing is if you are not getting the strix from asus, just choose other brands, evga / msi etc
  9. isnt dual just mean 2x fan in asus dictionary? and lowest end is supposed to be phoenix
  10. Yes ? correct readings /better drivers for less lags(??) No ? too risky its a forsa gt450 being a fake 550ti 3gb ram.. lucky enough the driver from windows 10 gets it to run but not the newer ones