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About MojangYang

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  • CPU
    Intel core i5 8400
  • Motherboard
    Aorus z370 ultra gaming 2.0
  • RAM
    8GB 3000 MHz DDR4 Rijaws V
  • GPU
    Gigabyte GTX 1060 3GB
  • Case
  • Storage
    1TB HDD, 250GB HDD
  • PSU
    Cooler Power 550w
  • Cooling
    Intel stock cooler
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 pro 64 bit

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  1. MojangYang

    Did I erase my hdds correctly?

    Oh sorry stupid autocorrect I forgot to reread it i was meant to say: reallocate all the space into one single partion
  2. MojangYang

    Did I erase my hdds correctly?

    Hi guys. I found multiple 350gb and 500gb hdds and want to erase, sell or reuse them. so I simply backed up the data from each partion, and deleted the partions one by one in disk management,and reallocated all the monkey space into one single memory. is all the data off the platter and overwritten or is it just deleted?
  3. MojangYang

    New PC and worried about a few things.

    Your pc should be fine. You can try downloading and running any stress test software
  4. MojangYang

    My hdd wont format or read

    Go into disk management, right click on the hdd partion and click new simple volume and keep clicking next
  5. MojangYang

    Do you still play minecraft?

    Hi guys. I know that most of you guys have moved onto fortnite. Minecraft is no longer the popular game. I’m kind of sad. It was the game that inspired me. I have decided to stick to it. this is a survey in LTT forum on how many people still plays minecraft. Plz let me know!
  6. MojangYang

    Removed RAM, problems started.

    Disconnect your pc from wall remove battery connect the clear mod pins with anything metal for five seconds. put battery back in. try again
  7. MojangYang

    PC making strange sounds

    He already did as he said on his last forum. Also it is a new hdd
  8. MojangYang

    New Ram not compatible. Now what?

    Yeah. It’s best to stay with one type of memory. It’s harder to get things right with ddr4
  9. MojangYang

    How do I copy all data from one drive to another?

    The destination drive should be the same size or larger than the original drive, or you will have to partion the original size to 1tb try this: https://www.easeus.com/partition-master/free-transfer-windows-10-to-new-hdd-ssd.html
  10. MojangYang

    How do I copy all data from one drive to another?

    That’s not the best idea. The drive contains hidden files that do not copy
  11. MojangYang


    Hi, guys. I had trouble finding the 1tb Samsung 960 or 970 ssds on eBay as they were all out of stock. But today I found one seller selling it at the price of a HDD. Should I trust him? Seems too good to be real XD https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Samsung-970-Pro-1TB-M-2-NVMe-PCIe-3-0-X4-Internal-Solid-State-Drive-SSD-3-5GB-s/173734105504?epid=5019099330&hash=item28735c11a0:g:8rwAAOSwEwhcLFSX
  12. MojangYang

    Reliable ssd

    Hi guys. I came across 3 ssds that I can easily purchase on eBay. They are the Samsung 860 EVO, the WD blue ssd, and the Crucial MX500, which is not as common as the other two. They have similar read/write speeds. But which one is the most reliable and has the longest life span?
  13. Or your motherboard is damaged in the factory. tell me your psu. just take everything out and try again without the case first. Send back the motherboard if it still does not work
  14. That happened to many people I know. Exactly the same thing. sorry to break the truth to you but your psu may have fried your certain parts of the motherboard or/and cpu. Try to send back the motherboard and get a new one. It might be the bios chip. https://youtu.be/6EgnNN0Cvdg
  15. MojangYang

    Confusing networking

    Hi guys, I’m looking at our office network system in China and was more confused by it than I was. what is the difference between routers and modems? Are they the same thing as I thought or are they two different things build into one device? also in Australia we used to use those slightly older routers that connects to the telephone port. Now we have one of those routers that connects to to the look-like-Ethernet-port-but-I-don’t-think-it-is port (the other end of the looks-like-Ethernet port is connected to a nbn box in the garage that is also connected to a fibre-optic cable). Can somebody tell me what is that port? now back to the office... the place has 3 routers which is weird. I saw something similar to the one in Australia. On top of a shelf, the “router” on the left has a looks-like-Ethernet-port connected to that thing on the right. The thing on the right has 4 looks-like-Ethernet-ports, a phone port, and is connected to fibre optics. I assume the thing is similar to the nbn box, but it also looks like a router. So I plugged my laptop into one of the ports on it but got nothing so I think it is not Ethernet. Can somebody explain what is that thing on the right? sorry for writting too much! Long question XD and thx for reading it. The pictures are not uploading properly so I can’t show them to you guys.