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  1. I checked the dbs and it’s the highest right next to the psu
  2. My dad is in SF right now he is grabing me a Seasonic because it’s the quality as I have heard and 650w is enough for my 3600x @ 4.3ghz 1.415v and my rtx 2080 no oc
  3. I’m ordering my new psu today the noise is annoying as fuck
  4. When I play games you can hear my psu through my headphones! I’m thinking of getting a Seasonic Focus Plus Gold 650w I have a EVGA 850w right now but here is a video. FullSizeRender.mov
  5. corepadz vs Hotlines vs hyperglides on a G SR SE mousepad what do you guys think or know is the best Im looking at getting hotlines looks like the best deal
  6. Comp Fortnite with 30-60 people endgame I see people with 120fps with the same gpu but I only get like 70-90fps which I mean is not bad but I would like to get as much as possible
  7. This also before they switched over to Directx11
  8. I’ve noticed atleast 10% improvement in Fortnite it’s way better optimized for Intel
  9. Well I’m just in it for gaming performance and my cpu especially for Fortnite is a bottleneck
  10. I currently am using a 3600x, x470-pro board with RTx 2080 and 16gb 3200 ram should I change to Intel and get a 9700k and a board? i game and stream on one pc but I use my gpu to stream
  11. Yeah there both really good way better then the 2700x for gaming so it’s your choice I’m not gonna choose I’m getting community feed
  12. Most benchmarks show that the 3600 X is up by like 3 to 4% in single core
  13. I game and stream but use my gpu to stream Right now I have a 2700x