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  1. I tried that today, and the desktop background completely disappears. The screen goes black, save for the taskbar, which remains empty. After about 20 seconds everything loaded up completely, and that alone took up to 45% of my Ryzen 5 2600's performance, according to task manager
  2. I have come across a strange issue when booting my PC. When I boot it up, 9 times out of ten, I will just get the windows home screen, and nothing else, apart from the start button, search and the file explorer tab. The other icons will be missing, and clicking anywhere on the screen will cause the screen to freeze up and go grey, and a message pop up stating: "Microsoft Windows The application is not responding. The program may respond again if you wait. Do you want to end this process?" I haven't dared to click 'End Process' in any of the instances of this happening, as I don't know what it could lead to, and waiting about a minute or so usually resolves this issue. However, it is a nuisance, and I would rather get rid of it. My first thought was that maybe my HDD (Seagate Barracuda 7200RPM) is faulty, and the other applications are just taking ages to load. However, that wouldn't make much sense as Windows itself is on an SSD (WD Green SATA), and it was Windows that was supposedly showing the error. My second thought was that perhaps certain apps are slowing my PC down to a crawl, namely Malwarebytes, as it always seems to start up the minute my PC boots, that is, after all the icons load. The third possible reason may be the fact that I haven't actually activated Windows (too lazy to ever get around to it), and that may be causing the slow boots. Any ideas?
  3. I'm looking to sell an old iMac I bought a while ago (don't worry, this isn't an advert), and before I do so, I want to clear the Hard drive of any personal information, login informations, history etc. However, I have a few useful programmes which I would like to keep on the mac, such as eDrawings, and some very legitimate copies of Office and Solidworks, as perhaps they might assist me in selling the computer. I was wondering, is there any way of wiping the HDD while exempting those select programmes? One other issue I may have is the fact that the mac is running windows 7 through bootcamp, which is where the aforementioned programmes are, and may need updating to Windows 10 since Microsoft is cutting support for Windows 7. In that case, I'll also have to update OS without deleting those programmes. Is there a viable way of doing this? Or am I better off just wiping the bootcamp partition and installing a fresh copy of windows 10?
  4. So if I get a 2.5 inch drive I can run it off of just the Sata adapter? Grand, thanks.
  5. I had recently got a HDD off of Amazon that I wanted to plug into my old laptop in order to add a bit of space, and to backup some photos etc. I got a regular internal HDD from Seagate, as it was the cheapest option at the time, and never really thought to get a dedicated external HDD. I also got a SATA III to USB 3.0 adapter, so I could actually plug the thing into said laptop. I plugged the HDD into the laptop today, but nothing happened. There was no new partition shown in file explorer, and under disk management, a 791 MB drive is showing, which seems rather low for a 1TB HDD, given that the same drive is showing in my PC's disk management as possessing 931.5 MB capacity. I tried right clicking it in order to letter it, since that was an issue I had when installing my HDD in my computer. When I right click the drive though, the options don't show up, the only one that shows is the help option which opens Chrome. The option is there for the other drives though.. What's even stranger is that the HDD is still listed in the Management window after being unplugged. Is there something I'm missing? Is the 791 MB drive something else entirely? Am I plugging the yoke in wrong somehow? Any help would be much appreciated.
  6. also, it seems my RAM is now running at 2666mhz, according to my task manager. I could've sworn that it ran at 2133 previously though..... maybe there was an update, or might have been an oversight. Either way, that's one problem, or rather one possibility out the window, I guess.....
  7. Here's what I've been able to gather from my BIOS. I'm running version P1.30 on an ASrock B450 Pro. I'm pretty illiterate when it comes to this, but as far as I can tell, XMP is enabled. As far as boot sequence, it's all Chinese to me, don't understand a bit of it. I did, however notice an option for 'fast boot', maybe that could help? I don't want to mess anything up though, so I'm going to withhold on that.
  8. So, in mid-December, I have built my rig. It's pretty usual, Ryzen 5 2600, GTX 1070 etc. I was really happy when I put it together, but recently I have ran into an issue. During boot, one of three things happen. Either a) my PC boots as usual, b) it takes a long time to sign in or c) it sings in but Windows takes ages to load and I have to wait for all the icons to pop up, if I click the taskbar, it asks me if I want to close Windows, and just windows, not the PC (u wot 8?). I have suspicions that this may be because technically, the 16gb Corsair Vengeance kit isn't supported by my Mobo, which I only discovered after I couldn't clock its speeds up to the rated 2666 from the default 2133 (it fits, it sits and it works, just not officially). However, I want to know if any one else has ran into similar issues in the past, and if they'd have the solution. Cheers in advance.
  9. well, I bought a 2x8gb 2666mhz Corsair LPX memory kit, which I know is one of the most popular out there, and an ASRock B450 Pro4 mobo which was recommended to me on a different thread.
  10. >be me >saved up money for a few years, followed the tech sphere for 2 years to gain knowledge, got to €1750 >wait for cyber monday >tfw barely any discounts >only get my ssd discounted >buy entire build anyways, complete with ryzen 5 2600 and gtx 1070, tired of waiting >parts start arriving, never felt happier in my life. every day the postman comes with more and more parts and each day feels like Christmas >be me >get up today, no school >check youtube >see leaks, ryzen 5 3600 8c/12t 4ghz+ clocks, rx 3070 at half what I paid for my gtx 1070 >want_to_die.gif why God? I was so f****** hyped about building my system after spending 2 years on researching, balancing my budget, matching the perfect components, and it was all for nothing! Pic related
  11. Just to make it clear, I can get parts from Amazon.Co.uk and .de, so don't go looking in Irish stores (the gaming pc industry is basically nonexistent here)
  12. So, I am planning to buy my PC components (hopefully within the next 24 hours), and it has all now come down to choice of PSU. My build is rocking a ryzen 5 2600 and a GTX 1070 from EVGA, and thing is; I don't have great knowledge when it comes to PSUs. I want something in around the pricetag of €60 (live in Ireland, so newegg is a no-no); nothing too crazy (I don't require 80+ gold or anything like that). I plan to do a bit of overclocking on the CPU, but other than that, all speeds stock. I looked around amazon for PSUs with good reviews, but then some have bad reviews on forums, others have mixed reviews etc.... TL;DR, need a decent PSU for €60, please help, I am basically illiterate when it comes to PSUs.
  13. It seems they changed the product page. They now have it listed as a 75hz monitor, but I swear it was listed as a 144hz monitor just yesteday. Either way, any idea about what the monitor's quality is like, and why it has no reviews currently?
  14. So, Cyber Monday is bound to start in a few hours, and I have been searching all over the internet trying to find anything, and I mean anything on this monitor, but there's no reviews, no discussions; nothing apart from a few promotional videos, and even less in regards to specs. To put it all in context, I'm planning to build my first PC this year, and I'm hoping to get some sweet deals tomorrow. My rig will be rocking a Ryzen 5 2600 and a GTX 1070 from EVGA, and so I looked around for a suitable, but not overpriced monitor. Lo and behold, on cclonline.com, I find the Acer Nitro VG270U going for only £258, with specs listed as IPS 2560x1440 @ 144hz! Amazed at this, I look online for reviews of cclonline itself. After all, scam artists are everywhere, but as far as I can tell, they're a reputable brand with a happy customer base. Then I tried looking up the monitor model, and this is where the troubles began. First of all, not a review to be seen. Secondly, Acer's website is listing it as a 2560x1440 @75hz monitor, witht he VG270UP model being the 144hz version (still not bad, but made me question the rest), and then some forum posts filled with confusion regarding the specific models themselves and the specs. So, I come to thee, builders. Have any of you ever heard of this monitor? Perhaps know its spec? Would you know of any alternative for a similar price, that delivers a similar performance? (note, don't bother linking to Newegg, I live in Ireland and import costs from Burgerland are way too high for me to buy from there)
  15. Well, I have a limit of about €1820, and that includes the shipping, so I doubt I'll be trying to squeeze a 1070 ti in there; of anything, I'd rather get a better PSU. Is the tomahawk a better mobo than the mortar? As far as I could tell, the specs seem pretty similar, and if it's just about the form factor, I'd rather save a buck. In regards to PSU and WiFi, any specific recommendations? I have almost no clue on either of them, and the ones I find usually have good reviews on Amazon, but bad/mediocre ones on pc related forums; this goes for both PSU and WiFi. Also, one more thing. Would it be necessary to buy this at 00:01 am on the Monday, or do stocks generally last the day? I want to make sure I don't return from school to find half of my parts list missing or sold out.