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  1. Is it possible to send back my asus fx 504 GD and get an replacement? The laptop has too many fps drops, ive already sent it to RMA and came back with no difference.
  2. This is the score i get after sending my laptop to RMA. Extremely dissapointed tbh, i doubt the fps drops have stopped if the score is this low.
  3. Any fix for the FX504 GD yet?(I5 Model). I feel like it struggles more with the freezing than the other models.
  4. New bios just came out for Asus TUF FX 504, any updates on the performance?
  5. Yes, i have already tried.
  6. Already tried without afterburner, still stutters like crazy.
  7. I dont know what is causing the stutters so i am just assuming this might be one of the problems.
  8. Could i have some help? Im not really experienced with using afterburner.
  9. On default settings i started to receive the stutters which is why i decided to undervolt my GPU.
  10. I have recently been trying to play games and i have noticed that my game is stuttering heavily every 30 seconds or so, i am currently running a GPU undervolt but it still stutters, i need help immediately because i have an important tournament coming up.
  11. Okay, so ive been receiving unplayable stutters in games such as Fortnite,Csgo recently and ive tried everything i could find on youtube(undervolting gpu and cpu) but the stutters still continues, my gpu temps are fine and i have no idea what is causing the problem, i just downloaded cinebench and ran the test and ill also show my undervolts. My games also crash, and after the crash, my laptop starts to lag extremely bad, forcing me to restart. I also know that my laptop is power limit throttling, I own the Asus Fx 504GD. (Nvidia 1050 and I5 8300H) Edit:I ran cinebench a few times, lowest score being all the way at 630, i need help desperately, my games are crashing and i cannot run a single game.
  12. Stuttering heavily and i cant find out the problem any help?
  13. Alright, I know this could be completely unrelated but i have the Asus TUF fx 504 and when running fortnite i receive freezes for a few seconds when i try to play, this gets annoying and sometimes even leads me to my death, anyone know whats happening?