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  1. Bishop Crane

    M.2 Adapters

    The short question is, the 4x PCI-E to M.2 Adapter cards are they any good? More background; I have an old C602 workstation motherboard, this is my daily driver and does everything, work, games, video editing, web browsing, you name it. My gaming drives (2x 512Gb SSD) are getting full, modern games are crazy large! And I'm running out of SATA ports thanks to other drives (10 is not enough) The motherboard doesn't support M.2 but I am going to replace it in a year or two I would imagine and that likely will. So are these PCI-E adapters worth it? Any experience, and problems I should be aware of? Any brands to avoid? Are there any that offer more than a single slot where the other slots aren't limited to being SATA connected only? Or am I better off with just going for an old ioDrive or an Intel DCPxxxx drive? As I figure a second drive will be fine, as games aren't going to be writing to the disk much. Cheers!
  2. I'm looking for a new work laptop, I work primarily in video, online streaming, as well as some video conversions and the like, but thankfully not editing on the laptop. I travel a lot for work, sometimes every week, so I want something really portable. I currently have a HP Pavillion Gaming, its been great, and because of the GTX950M which is able to keep up with the very demanding video, as we're dealing with 4K on occasions and the HD530 struggles to keep up. So ideally I want something lighter, as the current laptop at 2.3Kg plus another 0.4kg for the charging brick its not as portable as I would like. (2.7Kg/6lbs total) I'm looking for recommendations, something light, but powerful, and ideally with its own GPU, doesn't need to be amazing, but something other than the on-board will help with my work. Heat, I realise a lot of the small laptops will have throttling problems. I do have a cooling stand at my desk, which I'm happy to upgrade to something a little more aggressive. Oh and I know I said 4k, but happy for the laptop to only have a 1080p screen, my eyesight isn't that great. I have an external screen for when I do the 4k work. Price wise ideally under £1,700 (1,900 EUR - 2,200 USD - 2,900 CAD - I'll stop now) And ideally want something that looks ok in a professional environment. Things I've looked at Surface Pro - Love the portability and battery life, just concerned a little about performance Razer Blade 13 or 15 - both look pretty good spec wise, however some of the reviews I've read vary greatly in battery life apparently its a bit of a lottery, is that true? MacBook Pro - Great in the portability department, but would need to buy a windows license, and to get a GPU is way out of my price range. Dell XPS 15 - While its certainly powerful, starting at 4lbs for just the laptop its a lot heavier than most. Dell XPS 13 - Much more portable, but no GPU Obviously open to other ideas/opinions, I realise its somewhat of a trade-off between performance and portability, but just seeing if there is a model I've missed? Cheers!
  3. Bishop Crane

    Troubles with Laptop Memory Upgrade

    Couple of simple checks you can do. If you swap the modules over, does it still show the same. Also try the new module on its own. Just to confirm it actually works. There is one other thing you can try which is unlikely to work, but in some unusual cases it works. Try resetting the bios. Other than that, whats the make/model of each one?
  4. Small backstory, I have a Dual E5-2650 rig which could do with a bit of a CPU upgrade from ebay or similar to help it cope better. I've been looking at the E5-2667, 2680 and 2690 as an upgrade (not the 2697W the TDP is too high for the mobo) I also looked at the V2 CPU's (mobo supports V1 and V2's Xeons only) but they are a bit out of the price range. While comparing the three, I noticed on CPUBoss that the 2667 scores significantly higher in Geekbench scores than the other two, despite having less cores, cache, and slower turbo. Is this correct. Is the 2667 actually better than the other two under certain workloads? My gut tells me that this is incorrect, as looking at all the specs there is nothing that would put the 2667 ahead, so doesn't make any logical sense to me why it would score better. Anyone with some real world experience on this? As a pair of used 2667's is half the price of 2690's. Cheers!
  5. Out of those 3 options, I would probably go with the L5640. However, I would definitely look at alternatives. The X5650 is similar price and outperforms the L5640. However it does chew more power. I also agree with jj9987, that the LGA2011's are a better option, a dual E5-2650 is fairly inexpensive, and will yield much better performance.
  6. Bishop Crane

    Dell Inspiron Charging Issue

    Ok, so in the realms of best guesses here then! If it's delivering a consistent power around 19.5 volts and 6.7 amps I would suggest its working. As a best guess, its a problem under load. Simulating load while at the same time measuring amps is difficult at best! If you can do it, I would measure that. Either the Transformer is having a problem when delivering load or the laptop charging circuit is having problems under load. If its the Laptop, a good clean may fix the problem, but its unlikely, as the problem you describe is almost instant, dirt would cause overheat over time. If you have someone with a similar output charger (6A) you could try that. Just make sure you match the voltage.
  7. Bishop Crane

    Case Recommendation for odd motherboard

    Thanks for the suggestion, It is one of the cases that I looked at, and from what I can tell it will fit, it will be tight up the top, but it should fit. I wasn't so sure if the h115i would fit at the front as well? There are a lot less pictures of that.
  8. Bishop Crane

    Dell Inspiron Charging Issue

    It's most likely that the cable from the Transformer to the Laptop is the problem. I've had many charges break on me because of that. Are there any breaks, frays, or other signs of weaknesses in the cable? If not, is the sheath on the cable looking worn or bulging? It usually breaks at either end of the cable as they are under the most strain. If you have a multi-meter you can make sure that it is delivering charge.
  9. Hi All, I'm after some recommendations for a case, however my motherboard is very big. My motherboard is a Supermicro X9DRi-LN4F+ which is EE-ATX (not a standard!) it's 34.7x33cm (13.68x13 inches) Now it mostly fits in an ATX case except that it extends beyond the IO shield by about 4cm. (I've attached a picture) Normal ATX motherboards don't, and herein lies the problem. Most cases don't have that extension room, so I'm after some suggestions. I'm currently in a Corsair Air 540, I use the work "in" loosely as the two Radiators are outside (see the other picture) they do not fit otherwise because they would interfere with the RAM. Obviously this isn't ideal, and why I'm after a new case. I'm fine with drilling holes for the standoffs, but would rather not be doing major modifications. It needs to fit; The motherboard 2x Corsair H115i Pro 1x 5.25 bay for SSD caddy minimum 4x HDD Budget is up to about £150, and I'm happy with both new or used, there are almost no brand new components in the PC anyway. Also, yes, I realise its a bit of a rats nest, one of the hard drives isn't even mounted. I do plan to sort this out when it rebuilt. Thanks for your help in advance