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  1. thanks for that, random question though, do you think that I can run a r9 3950x at stock with this mobo?
  2. well I they both look really good in my system though, well can I just ask which has the better vrm config? I will just my choice there
  3. they have the same price so I want to know which one is the better one,
  4. I know there are better boards like the msi tomahawk but these are the only ones available in my country right now and I really need to change my bricked motherboard (my cousin hit the board and fell while I was cleaning the system T_T)
  5. I will look into this too thank you so much for you info
  6. WOW this is great news, the thought has been bothering me for days already, thank you very much. I just looked up at their site and it really does support ryzen 3 3300x. I will be ordering the motherboard today.
  7. As far as I know ryzen 3 3000 series wont be compatible with b450 motherboards (this was my original plan, since I dont really need Pcie gen 4)
  8. Do you think 240usd will be enough for me to get r3 3300x with a decent b550 mobo?
  9. 1600AF is not available in my country, r5 2600 is what we only have
  10. I am planning to upgrade my system. I am currently using an r3 1200/b350 and the onboard audio on my b350 is now broken so I am planning so change both my processor and my motherboard. My budget is around 240usd. I just want to hear some more thoughts from you guys. I am mostly playing games only with a bit of rendering on the side. Should I opt to go buy the r3 3300x? Will 240usd be enough for me to buy a r3 3300x with a decent atx b550? or Should I just go and purchase r5 2600 with b450 (I have done my research and I can purchase a r5 2600 and asrock b450 steel legend that is within my budget). All suggestion and comments will be much appreciated. Thank you very much
  11. Good day, as my title suggest I have been experiencing a no audio/sound comming from my asrock b350m pro 4, it all started when I just restarted my pc because installed logitech g hub. I have tried the following: -reinstalling audio driver (the driver came from asrocks website and realteks website)(I aslo used ddu to uninstall the audio driver) -resetting the bios to defaults -reseat cpu, ram, gpu -reformatting my os -disabling and enabling onboard audio in bios -updating bios to 5.9 -trying back panel audio with removed front panel audio As you can see in the screenshot I attached, the realtek driver can be seen in the control panel but there are no audio being detected in the device manager. A logitec z120 is currently plugged in the audio out at the back of my motherbaod and a set of headphones on the front panel audio. The only audio I have as of now is from my gpu through the hdmi output. Is this a hardware problem already? If it is can I still use my pc safely or should I wait for the covid-19 case to subside and purchase new mobo? P.S. the only part that I have with warranty is my gpu since I plan to upgrade my mobo and procie already but due to the pandemic I havent yet Specs: R 3 1200 2x4gb crucial ballistix 2400mhz galax gtx 1660ti 250gb 850 samsung evo 1tb wd blue
  12. Oh my budget is around 900dollars but since I am gonna buy here in ph they are already around 1000 dollars due to tax and other stuff that I really dont have any idea on how they work. So I am stuck between 2 choices only since they are the only models available ?. They are the acer nitro 5 (i5 9300h+gtx1650) and asus tuf fx 505 (ryzen 7 3550h+gtx1650) and the asus one is around 50 dollars more than the nitro 5. They both have 4gb of ram and 1tb hdd storage out of the box.
  13. I know that it has 2 slots according to reviews but I am not sure about the speed of the ram