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  1. Yeah, i don't get the "love to hate" mentality... It's a shame that the new SWBF didn't live up to [my] expectations. But alas, i'll be playing SWBF2 at a LAN party, which is fine by me.
  2. Console experience? You say that as if it's a good thing? Sorry. Had to
  3. You've summed up exactly why i'm looking forward to the next Battlefront Although, i disagree on the cash grab thing. That's just the hive mind mentality of people hating on EA.
  4. Then you're clearly off your rocker. Mate nuff said.
  5. Me neither. Perhaps you should go and play some more battlefield..
  6. God the formatting... * We're talking about vehicle mechanics here, nor the look of the vehicles. If they are so different, then you can't say they make the games similar. * The survival mode is a joke * You listed a bunch of points that apparently make the games similar. The customisation systems are very different. * Similar player counts, even so, that doesn't make the games similar. * The squad system is a joke. The game doesn't promote team play in the slightest. Your partner gives you a spawn, and that's about it. * Like i said, the blaster and the ion torpedo, and possibly the emotes are not exclusive. I do love it when people complain about the DLC in EA games, because it's EA. DLC is a sad fact, but perhaps it's not so bad. Day 1 dlc. That's bad. * Battlelog, but it's better than having nothing. You haven't got 80% of the core features. You've picked a few things about each game and tried to compare them, which i've disputed. Consider it in terms of actually playing the game. They don't feel similar at all! I cannot fathom how you could think they're similar, they're just so different, it's ridiculous. DICE didn't call it Battlefront 3 because (according to content from them), they didn't want to follow in Pandemic's footsteps. They wanted to make their own battlefront. Also it seems to be a trend to name games after one of the previous old ones. It is not a Pandemic Battlefront game, you're right. But it is sure as hell not a Battlefield game. It's Dice's Battlefront.
  7. It would certainly be nice to see those things implemented. Part of what made SWBF2 fun was the ability to play with ai As for the game being shit. To each his own. Some like it. I don't. For reasons discussed earlier.
  8. How do you know that he's in his right mind? He hasn't told us what resolution he's playing at, has he? (referring to OP) Right, thanks for finally telling us...
  9. Okay sure. Whether one likes it or not comes down more to personal preference. But, here's the thing that ruined Battlefront for me, and i don't get it. It's a very casual game. Not necessarily that in and of itself, but the design choices that came about because of it, that's the problem. So here's what i don't get. Whoever decided that a game has to fit into this scale (with the gap being an empty void) Casual-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hardcore See last time i checked, a game can have a balance of this. For example, look at Blizzard's games. Easy to get into, but very, very difficult to master. That's how it should be done. This idea that a game meant for a more casual audience has to dumb down absolutely everything... it's rubbish! It's not so black and white as a stormtrooper's armour!
  10. The top part. i can agree with. But as soon as you got to Battlefield, i totally disagree. For one, you can't just list off a couple of features and say they match up, therefore they're similar. But, let's roll with it, for a moment. *Vehicles: They are vastly different between BF4 and SWBF. SO so much different, that i can't believe you try to relate them *Destructible environments: Sorry, where?? I can't think of a piece of destructible environment in SWBF *Classes; So having a customisable loadout = battlefield reskin?. BF4's customisation is miles apart from SWBF weak attempt *Play counts: Usually 64 players in BF4. Max 40 in SWBF *Game modes. There is no demolition in SWBF (or anything similar IIRC). Rush, yes, fairly similar to walker assault. TDm, yes. Conquest.. kinda. But still doesn't prove your point *Squad play. What! There is absolutely no teamwork in SWBF. !! * DLC. Nothing wrong with some DLC. Sure, free content would be nice, but the fact is, it gives them a reason to continu e supporting the game. Although one could argue, that's not a good thing considering how bad SWBF is to some of us. As for the exclusive content. The DL44 and iron torpedo can be unlocked normally, IIRC. *Battlelog: Right, so not having a server browser is a good thing. I'm sorry, but i'm going to have to call bullshit on your argument here. You seem woefully misinformed and some of your opinions seem objectively bad (no server browser, thinking that these games are similar), though you are of course, still entitled to them
  11. I'm going to assume that you're not being pedantic. By saying Battlefront 3, i'm suggesting a sequel to the SWBF2, you know, the game that was actually good. And if you have E.g. Galactica (Racing game), and Galactica (RTS), they may have the same name, but they are vastly different games. Yes, they have the same name, but don't be pedantic...
  12. Yeah the jump pack was nice. As for nothing being overpowered. The DL44 (instantly unlocked for premium edition owners) is very powerful. And then there's all the "cheese"
  13. I agree. Except. Battlefront is in no way similar to Battlefield. Other than running the same engine, and you know, being a shooting game.
  14. So you come along with. "yeah i get great fps at max settings with my old hardware" You're running at a lower resolution in an older game. OP wants to play Battlefield 4. OP wants to receive advice, not to be misled.
  15. I did have some fun with it, but there's not enough of anything to keep me interested for very long. And the gunplay. It's disgusting. So long term? I'm not so sure As for the DLC. Surely it doesn't bode well when you're relying on the DLC to make a game good?
  16. ..... Surely you know what i mean.....
  17. What games at what settings? because i can tell you right now, you did not get "great FPS" with that setup in something like BF4... at max settings!
  18. Was. Because it means that the next one is gonna be good! EA will be releasing more Battlefront games (or at least, more Star Wars games), and i'm really looking forward to a throwback to SWBF2. I Think Totalbiscuits review described the game perfectly, although i would argue that for some people (casuals), they're going to like SWBF. But for the rest of us, let's hope for a Star Wars Battlefront 3! Thoughts?
  19. Ah okay, i thought so. I will OC at some point. Right after i get a decent case and CPU cooler (since i will OC that as well)
  20. This is true for any motherboard that can overclock a cpu, isn't it. I wouldn't imagine that it's exclusive to Z97.
  21. Wow. I never thought RAM could ever be a bottleneck unless you didn't have enough of it, or it was *really* slow. The common wisdom was usually that 1600mhz (DDR3) is perfectly fine. As such i thought this rush for super fast RAM was a waste of time (especially considering that the cas latency goes up as you increase the frequency). Thanks for straightening things out.
  22. How does RAM frequency affect the framerate? Unless there's a bottleneck where the RAM wasn't fast enough with the lower speed RAM (which cannot be the case, it's high speed DDR4), i don't see how that could happen. Perhaps shaders are stored on the RAM?
  23. Firstly, welcome. A big part of PC gaming is that you get to learn more about the stuff that you've invested money into. Troubleshooting is the name of the game. Problems happen here, (just as they happen on consoles). But the difference is, you can fix it! Backup the files for a game (ie copy them elsewhere) and then mod. Restore your backup if needed. 3. Install the mods whenever you like. Although, read the instructions, some mods may require another, or something like that. 4. I'm also running windows 10. Ensure that you go through all the settings in the win10 settings menu (there aren't that many, but there are some important ones to disable). Some important settings include the peer to peer updates, some of the privacy stuff, auto joining hotspots. etc... Although, give us your pc's specs. Just in case. Edit that's a nice pc (room for an ssd upgrade, and replacing that cx power supply). It'll be fine with Windows 10