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  1. That would be the troubleshooter that hides updates (ie, preventing windows from reinstalling them). I've tried it already and the AMDA00 Interface isn't available as an update to hide.
  2. Windows doesn't keep asking me to reinstall the driver unless i uninstall it. Installing the utilities won't fix that (well, i think it won't, and it shouldn't). This issue consistently causes crashes in a couple of games i play. In particular, World of Tanks (which i've been playing a lot of recently. The pain of having my PC crash, and then returning to a battle to find my tank dead and 29 people deciding that i'm an idiot for driving right into the enemy... Well i don't enjoy it.
  3. You updated your BIOS!!!! Did you read what i said??? Was 18 seconds a typo, or have we got this booting faster? EDIT: Wow, I recorded a boot time of 26 seconds. To be fair my PC boots to grub (linux bootloader) and then to Windows. But, 18 seconds is still perfectly fine.
  4. Okay, but how is that going to keep the driver uninstalled? Having the utilities installed will only make things worse, since the services will still be there. This isn't a dependencies problem, this is Windows 10 continually installing a driver, and giving the user no choice in the matter,
  5. I haven't installed the driver manually, no. I believe the motherboard is telling windows to install the driver (it is only necessary for the utilities)
  6. A good point and something that i didn't think of. Buuuuut the disable option is greyed out
  7. Okay let's try the boot order in the BIOS. Is it filled with a bunch of options, and have you got the correct one set first. For windows it should be "Windows Boot loader" or similar.
  8. Perhaps i should've mentioned that they are not installed. The driver reinstalls regardless. I figured it was inferred, given how much i hate those utilities.
  9. I'm assuming this is on the PC you've got in the description. If so, that kind of hardware really shouldn't be booting that slow. Go to the support page for your motherboard and check for BIOS updates. Just in case there's some kind of fix (you'll know when you see it). If there's not a fix that will almost definitely solve this, don't update your BIOS. That would be a very unnecessary risk. As for fast startup, it's worth a shot. But you should note that it must be disabled if you're going to dual boot Windows and Ubuntu (or possibly OSX, but i wouldn't know because why would anyone do that...). Fast startup should be enabled both in BIOS and in Windows (control panel -> power options -> choose what the power buttons do)
  10. Vsync locks the frame rate to 60 (unless you use half rate, which would be 30). That's pretty much how vsync works. Although, if i recall correctly, it actually locks to the refresh rate of your monitor. In this case yours appears to be 60hz, so that's not relevant. Your GPU is not underperforming. You have enabled a setting that locks the framerate.
  11. Hi If you've got an Asus motherboard you might've heard of this fiendish driver. Those awful Asus utilities require this AMDA00 driver. Unfortunately both of these things cause issues (including random shutdowns in games) I've stopped automatic driver updates in device installation settings. But that only stop Windows from messing with a driver that has been manually installed. So, after removing the driver, it reinstalls five seconds later. I've tried that troubleshooter from windows to hide updates, but it isn't shown there. Hope you can help, thanks in advance.
  12. Have you altered the privacy options in the win 10 settings menu. There's a couple that mess with Windows mail. Why won't it let you remove your account? Also what's with the link to windowsphone.com ... Yeah, i thought there was something suspicious about that. Why would microsoft link you to "windowsphone.com". They usually just bing search "windows 10 help"... So that's showing up in a Windows 10 app. Which suggests a virus. EDIT: You're on desktop Windows 10 right? Just checking.
  13. ....... We're looking at old server parts. EBay, Craigslist. That's where you'll find this sort of thing.
  14. Here's a poll for everyone. I'm doubtful as to whether we'll get a decent sample size, but let's have a go. http://strawpoll.me/6155218
  15. It might not be directly, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't do it, right?
  16. Fair enough. But there are plenty of people in the PC community who are star wars fans. This makes me wish i'd setup a vote...
  17. What? Sorry, but i would argue that Star Wars is closer to the PC community than a lot of things. I've never met someone who's into PCs, that isn't at least a small Star Wars fan
  18. No one said R2D2. Maybe BB8, or something like that.
  19. Three videos, the conclusion is on Vessel at the moment. The main problem with the Fallout build was the form factor. But, Luke did well with what he had.
  20. So basically the Fallout build. I'm pretty sure (Vessel) that Luke said they'd want to do more themed builds.
  21. Okay so, Star Wars Battlefront has been released, and Luke said that they won't do a Star Wars build because they've missed the launch. Which is fair enough. The thing is, most PC gamers don't give a rats behind about Battlefront. This is what we all (most) care about. So, (provided that LTT wants to, (regarding user stats and all that) why not do a Star Wars build for Star Wars The Force Awakens.
  22. Like i said. If you don't want to do the research, don't do. This isn't as simple as going to Newegg and picking some parts, with your mind slightly focused on compatibility.
  23. If you're incapable of researching the parts for yourself, then you really don't want to do this. Go and buy/build a pc with modern components, unless you know what you're doing, and want to be adventurous, or you just want to learn the hard way.
  24. When a Vessel video is released, create a thread for it titled [VESSEL] _________. And then ________ for youtube. The fact is, people are going to hate. So go with what makes sense. I'm not sure if it's just me, but it seems as if you guys are trying to please everybody, or something along those lines...
  25. This looks really interesting (well it did last week when i watched it on Vessel. But apparently we have nowhere to discuss videos...) Only problem is, now all of LTT's subscribers know, so that's a bummer. I'd like to look into this, not as a serious budget PC. More as a cheaper (than getting two new xeons....) PC, that would be capable of doing what you guys did with Unraid, 2in1pc virtualisation.