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  1. For some strange reason whenever i do any sort of file action (copy/rename/move etc) within the C:\Users\USER\Documents folder, Windows file explorer creates another documents shortcut in the sidebar. This only happens with Documents (not Desktop, Downloads etc). It seems like a small thing, but navigating within file explore (which i use the sidebar a lot for) can be rather difficult when it fills up with documents shortcuts I didn't find anything in a google search, any ideas?
  2. An I3 really would be worth it. IMO hyperthreading could be the difference between a farcry 4 (runs badly on the g3258) and getting a playable experience.
  3. Hi i've narrowed it down to the PSU. I'm going to test it in another PC, and i'll probably get it replaced under warranty. Thanks for your help. EDIT: Replaced PSU with a Corsair RM750X and my PC is working perfectly. thanks
  4. That's an interesting story, but it doesn't answer my question. Linus answered it in the Q&A video though!
  5. Hi My specs are in my sig. I've tried reinstalling Windows, and the GPU driver, to no avail. As i've said, neither CPU nor GPU are overheating Please have a look here for some more info: http://www.tomshardware.com/answers/id-2927328/black-screen-playing-games-win10-cpu-gpu-overheating.html I probably shouldn't have posted on two forums, but the LTT troubleshooting subforum isn't always the quickest to respond
  6. TFA, Spectre. Rewatched the Imitation Game and the Dark Knight recently.
  7. Hi When playing games, my PC has been black screening, ie the PC shuts down and restarts. What's strange, is that this only happens with certain games. Currently that list includes World of Tanks, Batman Arkham Origins, Xcom Enemy Within, World of Warships and Armoured Warfare. Assassins Creed syndicate (which is a very demanding game), RUSE, World in Conflict and CSGO (which are not demanding) don't crash. Looking in the event log led me to this "The driver \Driver\WUDFRd failed to load for the device ACPI\PNP0A0A\2&daba3ff&1.". I managed to uninstall this driver by disabling windows update, since i thought it was the cause of the problem, but the crashes persist. The max temp on the CPU cores is 70*C. The gpu, 75-80*C. So overheating of those components is not the problem. I've noticed that Open Hardware Monitor reports that motherboard temperature #3 and #6 reach rather high temperatures. This could be the problem, depending on what those sensors indicate the temp of, or whether they're misreporting. Mobo sensors are like that. Unless someone thinks otherwise, i'm going to stick with the theory that these temps aren't the problem.
  8. Oh okay. I'll wait a few days and see what happens then. I didn't get an email though. thanks
  9. Is it possible to view pending organisation applications? I submitted one, but can't find any confirmation that i did so.
  10. Oh i thought this was happening sooner. In that case i'm not so interested. Whether i want to buy or not, finding someone local is your best bet. And please, please make sure you do a full wipe on each of your hard drives. A full wipe, not a quick format. You don't want people to have your data.
  11. No worries Would you sell the cpu for $275 and the mobo for $85, and are you in WA, or over east?
  12. Here's a pc partpicker for your build. The storage and memory probably isn't exactly right, but it's close enough. But, that's for new parts Have a look at what other people are selling these used parts for (eg eBay) I'm rather interested in the cpu, mobo, case. The rest, is stuff id like to get, but the three mentioned are more important to me.
  13. If you can find someone local, sell the whole PC to them. Or sell each component on somewhere like ebay.How much would you sell each component for?
  14. I've just sent my application (name: Yun'o) I suggest that Transport be added to the poll. In the name of Firefly!
  15. Something tells me they're not going to be holding on to all of that hardware...
  16. I've spoken to ASUS. They immediately cited hardware issues and told me to speak to the retailer. I've replied to that, and they seem to be ignoring me. Awesome. Now how the hell did ASUS get such a good rep?
  17. No. you must've seen in your research that all other specs have to be identical, including RAM timings, 204pin, things like that. Differing speeds may work, but is certainly not guaranteed.
  18. Are the specs identical other than the clock speeds? There are a lot of other specs to consider when it comes to compatibility. Macbooks are especially picky. I've got a Macbook mid 2010 as well, with the stock 4GB ram. What's the model number for the RAM that you're trying to use?
  19. I guess this question is for Linus. How do you deal with sponsorship transparency? I've noticed recently that you've been making it more clear whether a video was sponsored by a particular company. Well, it seems that way. Tell me if i'm wrong.
  20. Could you please mark a post as solved, since this appears to be a simple misunderstanding about vsync, so now it is solved.
  21. I know of nothing more that can be done. Unless you are measuring startup time from power on to when windows is useable. In that case, disable some programs in the task manager startup menu.
  22. Indeed it is stupid. But, despite ASUS' folly. This issue could have been solved if Windows would actually trust the user to manage updates themselves. I think Windows after a clean install should be in "noobs mode". And then the techie people like us can instantly go into the settings and toggle the "oh, you actually know what you're doing button" I haven't contacted ASUS just yet. I figured i'd ask around here, in case it could save me the pain of dealing with a companies tech support. Thanks for your help, all. I'll talk to ASUS and leave an update in this thread.
  23. AMDA00 was not installed by the utilities. Those utilities have never touched this windows install, so they did not install the driver. I vaguely remember reading somewhere that the motherboard initiates the install of the driver as a bridge between the BIOS and mobo sensors in case the user does install the utilities. This is poor design from ASUS, and i expected far better, especially considering their positive reputation (especially with LTT...). And this is not limited to my lowly B85 motherboard. This has been an issue on many Asus mobos, including Z97 and X99.