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  1. Hi guys and girls, I want to buy a new 4K TV under 1000€ (I'm from Germany) But I'm quite confused with all the models, features and technologies. So I hope someone can recommend me one specific model. I'm looking for: Smart TV 65"/164cm 4K/UHD Good picture quality Low reaction time for gaming (I have a Xbox One X) Good brightness Good Energie efficiency Speaker quality can be bad (I have speakers) No Special Apps needed Netflix and Amazon Prime are enough Thanks alot in advance!
  2. Yeah I know, but I hate the micro USB connector! I first thought I broke my Controller thats why I want the magnetic connection.
  3. Hi guys, I recently broke my XBox One Controller cabel and was wondering if something like that (magnetic USB cable) would work with the controller to use it one the PC? (I dont want to by a wireless adapter because it is more expensive and I want to charge my controller with the cable) Thanks in advance!
  4. OK thanks, yeah it sucks that they see it that way, but if it wouldn't be possible I wouldn't buy one
  5. I'm currently in Japan and could pick up a Wii pretty cheap, but I wonder if it is still possible to make the Wii region free because I would like to use it in Europe when I'm back. Does anyone now that? Or has experience on that topic? Thanks in advacne!
  6. hm what a shame, but thank you very much!
  7. I have currently selected energie saving, same as my friend. So there has to be another way. I don't want to lose all energie saving options because the battery life of this laptop is already pretty shit to be honest.
  8. Hi, I'm currently using my laptop (Asus GL502VMK) as a (permanent) wifi hotspot for my phone. The problem is that every time I close the lid of my laptop, the connection is terminated and if I open the laptop I have to turn on the hotspot again. I know that there is a way to have the hotspot permanetly on (even with closed lid), because the laptop of a friend does it, I just don't know how? I think it is a problem with the energie saving settings, but I can't find the right solution. I get Internet via ethernet cable and set up the mobile hotspot in the windows settings. I hope someone here knows what to do, thanks in advance!
  9. The thing is, since I built it, it seems that 8 cores are the new standard and I was thinking of switching while I still get some money for the current set up(more than in 1 or 2 years)
  10. GTX1080ti, 256 gb ssd(nothing special) and 4k monitor with 60hz (maybe switching to 1440 and 144hz)
  11. My last system was a QX9650 on an ASUS Striker II Extreme and it's still running. I just upgraded the GPU. But your probable right, it'll be hard to use the new system for so long this time.
  12. Thanks for all the replies! I'll stay with the 7700K, lets just hope that 4 cores are enought for the next years/games to come! I think I was so uncertain as I heard some games(Far cry) won't even start with dual cores and I didn't want to experience that with my 7700k in the near future ^^
  13. Ryzen would be an option, I don't really care whether it is amd or Intel it's just that I'm worried about the core count. I guess I'll stay with the 7700K as long as possible.
  14. Yes I remember I build it shortly before or after the release but according to "the internet" intel CPUs offered better clock speeds and since I mostly play games on the machine it was more important for me. Yeah I love it but I'm worried that the amount of true cores getting more important(for gaming) in the near future and I can't upgrade then. This is what I ask myself right know
  15. Hi, I just build me a new pc about one year ago, with an Intel I7 7700K on an ASUS Maximus IX Formula. With the new 9th gen and the increasing core number I'm not sure if I should switch the platform to be future proof as I like to keep my pc for about 8 years. Should I sell my current mobo and CPU while I get some cash back or should I stay with the 7700k? What do you guys think? I'm really uncertain right now.