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  1. sorry, i don't know why it wont work, i've set it to share publicly anyway, do you think Wraith Spire comes with a cheap fan ? i've got the original AMD fan on it. i am sure it is not hitting anything, so its the bearing probably. how would you suggest i replace the AMD fan on the cooler ? no RMA available here here
  2. unplug it when the PC is off, right ? also, is it safe to run a PC without case fan ?
  3. Hi guys ! SO i have a small issue that i need help with. I noticed that my PC makes a strange noise when its standing upright ( in a VERTICAL position ) when the case is laid down ( in a HORIZONTAL position ), that noise stops. The PC is as good as silent. I have narrowed it down to either the case fan ( which i'll be replacing next week ) OR the CPU cooler fan ( i have got the stock cooler for Ryzen 1500x ) can anyone guide me why this sound is produced when my PC is standing upright ? is it dangerous ? I am attaching a Google link for the video i recorded, so you guys can see the PC position and hear the noise for yourself. LINK : https://photos.app.goo.gl/2nTGc78fEXmm77FS7 I will be grateful for any help i can get in this regard
  4. @Juular btw, you think its alright for someone like me to change PSU and Casing ? considering i've never done it before ? anything in particular i should look out for ?
  5. content creation companies, graphic designers or even people looking to run AI algorithms for cheap buy such GPUs i myself have indented two RTX 2080Ti ( 11GB ) at my workplace for official use !
  6. thanks for the detailed response mate ! i'll remove the GPU. i just freak out over the thought of damaging stuff P.S : that Power Supply picture you're talking about, thats most probably poor organization. don't worry, i'll check the box before i buy
  7. Hey all. so i have been looking to change my PSU ( as it is quite old ) and my Case ( as it has very poor cooling system ). I usually take it to a shop, but its quite far away from my home, so i figure i would do it myself. Now i have adequate knowledge of computer and its components, but i am just scared of 'breaking' something. that's what freaks me out, as i cannot afford any mistakes ( literally can't afford, as everything is hell expensive here ) Let me know if it is wise for me to do this stuff by myself Secondly, i need some help on choosing a case. Now we have a fair variety of cases available ( i will list some websites down below ) but i don't really know how to choose one that have enough space to fit my setup. I am listing my specs so you guys and gals can help me choose. CPU COOLER : The default one that comes with Ryzen 1500x GPU : Sapphire Nitro+ Rx580 8GB Motherboard : BATTLE AXE C.X370M-G DELUXE V14 The PSU i will choose is Cooler Master MWE 650 Gold, as suggested by @Juular i figure these are the main things that will have to considered when choosing a case. Also, i don't want to take out the GPU from the motherboard when moving the mobo to the new case. I know i'll have to detach the GPU from the case, but do you think it is possible to move the motherboard with the GPU still in place ? That's all i want to know. Thanks for any help you can offer. Links for Possible cases : ( i am on a budget, so the cheaper the better, but feel free to suggest what will guarantee a better environment for my PC ) http://www.czone.com.pk/casing-pakistan-ppt.168.aspx https://www.shingpoint.com.pk/pc-casing-in-pakistan https://www.eezepc.com/product-category/casings/?orderby=price https://www.techglobe.pk/gaming/pc-casing https://www.ishopping.pk/electronics/laptops-computers/accessories/laptop-and-pc-accessories/cover.html?dir=asc&order=price
  8. alright, i guess i will have to do more saving. As for @Juular's shipping suggestions, well, shipping is a nightmare here ( too many taxes, govt has gone crazy. can't just pay for the weight like you do ) and Yes, Caroline, a card is much more expensive. Guess i'll have to wait and buy the CM MWE gold PSU when the time comes. thanks y'all i'm still open to any further suggestions you might have for me, remember i'm a newbie when it comes to figuring out PSUs
  9. i get ya. but i would appreciate if you could take a look at the websites i listed. the currency conversions are a tricky matter ( and Pakistan's currency goes up and down real fast ) its really possible there's a good PSU in there, but i just can't put my finger on it as i'm not qualified enough to appraise PSUs. you might be able to help me out if you can pin point a few models. Its just that i don't have the same level of expertise in judging a PSU as you guys do, which is why i came to you guys in the first place. any help is earnestly appreciated, mate !
  10. Hello all of you ! So this is a definitive follow-up to my previous thread, located HERE. ( this is where i learned that 80 PLUS is not the only important thing in PSUs, the component quality matters alot. ) Pardon me if i might sound monotonous, but i am going to type more or less the same requests i wrote in the previous post, as my query remains the same. ( except now, i can act on it ! ) I finally have ( or will have by the start of next month ) some money saved up to buy a PSU for my PC. I am still on a budget ( i have an estimate of around 7000 PKR, which is roughly 50$ in conversion ) My PC Specs are: Ryzen 1500x Sapphire Nitro+ Rx580 8GB 12 GB RAM DDR4 ( yes i know ) Now i just started scouring the local market websites for good PSUs & i haven't had much luck in matching what i have found to the Tier B and Tier B+ PSU listed in these forums Here. Most PSUs in those tiers are simply not available in Pakistan or a couple of models which are, have outrageous prices ( like exceeding 10,000 PKR, which i cannot afford ) I just want something which will protect my PC components and keep them safe from electrical fluctuations. ( i already have a 1500 KVA Voltage Regulator attached to my Monitor and PC, though ) There are also the usual electricity blackouts in my city, so it would greatly help if the Power Supply can withstand those, without letting any harm come to the components. And God Forbid, if the PSU ever fails, it should not damage my components. It should just fail alone, while shielding my components from any harm. I am going to list down a few sites i have explored and simply ask you for kind recommendations, using your expertise and experience in the field. A few sites are; http://www.czone.com.pk/power-supply-pakistan-ppt.183.aspx https://www.pakdukaan.com/pc-hardware-accessories/power-supplies https://www.industech.pk/power-supply-pakistan-ppt.20103.aspx http://www.kzone.pk/category/power-supplies.html https://www.shingpoint.com.pk/computer-pc-power-supply-in-pakistan.aspx https://www.galaxy.pk/3d-graphics-gaming/power-supplies.html https://www.ishopping.pk/electronics/laptops-computers/accessories/laptop-and-pc-accessories/power-supply.html https://easetec.com.pk/product-category/power-supplies/ https://www.eezepc.com/product-category/powersupplies/ Please kindly help me out in picking a PSU that will be good enough for powering and protecting my PC I will be most grateful for the help ! Many thanks !
  11. Hi Caennanu ! thank you for responding Signal Transition ... hmm bumped it how exactly ? can you elaborate ? ( like from the behind or on the front panel ? ) as for moving it ... well i never move the monitor. i just clean its backside daily ( with extreme care ) I have never opened a monitor in my life. can you suggest some good resources i could take a look at to learn this ? once again, thank you for responding ! dankje !
  12. I have this monitor; LG-24MP59HT just yesterday, a strange issue started happening to the monitor screen. regardless whether the monitor is connected to the PC or is just idle, these strange lines keep appearing. Even when the PC is off ( but the monitor itself is on ) and the display ports of the Monitor are not connected to any input, these lines keep appearing. I have attached a video for you to see and help figure out the exact issue. The Monitor is out of warranty, but please do let me know what exactly is this issue with the screen. ( and whether it can be fixed ? ) any help or guidance someone can give me in this regard is much, MUCH appreciated i have been worrying non-stop for about a day now. monitor video.mp4
  13. hey Vandey. just to give a personal opinion, i think we have brownouts too. which is when voltage goes REALLY low ( like from the normal 220V here, down to 90V) yeah, those are like mini-heart attacks for any electronics owner i think those are one occurrence you'd definitely wish for a UPS !
  14. Nah, it's a home PC. no critical data as such. it's just that i'm very cautious when it comes to protecting the electronics from any electrical damage, cos electronics are quite expensive here ( the $ exchange rate here will give you an idea ) Hey one more thing, by Surge Protector, do you mean a Voltage Stabilizer ? or is it a separate electronic component/circuit that's supposed to be present in the motherboard or PSU ?
  15. I'm in Karachi, Pakistan. Karachi has some good computer markets (Technocity, Naz Plaza) in certain areas, so a good degree of PSU brands are available here. budget for the PSU is around 5-6 k PKR, where 1$ = 141.45 Pakistani Rupee. so it's around $50 but obviously the exchange rates are always fluctuating here, so i'd have to get a list of available PSUs from the vendors and then get in touch with you.