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  1. The case comes with it's own RGB controller for it's included 3 RGB fans. The controller has a 3pin ARGB and 4pin PWM cable, and says it's compatible with ASRock's Polychrome RGB software. My motherboard has 3 LED ports from what I can tell, one listed RGB_LED1, ADDR_LED1, and AMD_LED1 ... each being 4 pins. So my question is ... how should I go about plugging everything in?
  2. I have some ancient 8 and 16 mb ram from an old PC I was tinkering with. I got rid of the computer cause it was just to old to do anything really useful w/ but I still have it's ram for some reason lol. Now if only I could get my hand on some 128mb ram to upgrade my win98 era machine.
  3. Huh, well good to know me and I buddy of mine got in a big conversation about this yesterday. I was just curious lol. TBH I was kinda expecting some advantages in having everything in one eco system ...
  4. Lotta earlier rap from back in the day before I was even born ... I never listened to Will Smith rap before this week lol.
  5. Any advantages? Like I would think all your updates and overclocking and tools and stuff are gonna be in one bit of amd software which is kinda nice ... but are there any other positives for it??
  6. So I'm looking at buying a blue collar price prebuilt pc from a couple of different companies (cause I'm a lazy ass lol) and alot of them ship with some variety of ryzen cpu and like a 1050. Im personally more of an AMD guy myself just cause Nvidia is like the apple of graphics cards in my eyes. I was thinking that when I finally make the buy I'm just gonna sell off the Nvidia card and get like a RX480 or something. My question is is there any benefit to having everything in the same ecosystem and are there any disadvantages to mixing and matching?