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    USA / More or less Chicago
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    Consumer Electronics (soldering)
    PC Electronics
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    Some Video Editing
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    Some Generic Low Paying Job


  • CPU
    Ryzen 7 2700X
  • Motherboard
    MSI B450M Pro VDH Max
  • RAM
    16GB (2x 8GB) DDR4 2800MHz
  • GPU
    MSI Ventus RTX 2070 Super
  • Case
    Thermaltake Versa H17 mATX
  • Storage
    1x WD SN550 1TB / 2TB Seagate HDD / 1TB WD Blue HDD
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    EVGA 550W G3
  • Display(s)
    Acer Predator XB271H / HP 22CWA
  • Cooling
    CoolerMaster ML240L
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    Razer Huntsman Elite
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    Some Nixeus mouse
  • Sound
    Senheiser PC37X
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro
  • Laptop
    Acer Nitro V 2019 / i5 9300H / GTX 1650 Mobile 2GB / 8GB DDR4 2400MHz / 90Hz OC on display

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  1. The airflow in my case should be pretty decent, since I have the 240mm radiator at the front of my case pulling air in, and then I also just have my side panel off. I can try to watch VRM temps to see if that is the issue, I think HWInfo can monitor them. I'll post and update soon™
  2. yes chipset drivers installed, the most recent BIOS, and my system specs are on my profile. If you don't want to look there, Ryzen 7 2700X MSI B450M PRO VDH Max 16gb (2x 8gb) Corsair LPX DDR4 @ 2400mhz MSI Ventus RTX 2070 Super EVGA 550 G3 PSU
  3. I've had my current motherboard for almost a year now, and since I got it, the power delivery has been pretty unreliable. The model is MSI B450M Pro VDH Max. Basically, I first noticed it when I tried to enable Precision Boost Overdrive or whatever it's called, since I have an X series Ryzen chip. It would work normally most of the time, but as soon as something CPU intensive happened, the whole system would hard reboot. Hard reboot as in no bluescreen or errors reported in windows event viewer, just a black screen and then it would reboot. I tried a more powerful PSU, a 750 watt as opposed to my 550 watt, and that didn't help at all. I eventually figured out that it was just PBO acting up, so I disabled it. I went to manually overclock my CPU, and the same thing would happen, so at that point I figured it was the VRMs or power delivery or something. I reset everything back to normal/defaults, and I have been relatively fine since. Recently, though, I decided to reinstall Red Dead Redemption 2, which is a pretty intensive game as plenty of people know. There is one specific loading scene in a quest in Valentine that causes my system to do the same exact thing as it would do with PBO or overclocking, but now at default settings at stuff (albeit I have the high performance power mode selected in windows power management) So is this a problem with power delivery? The CPU never gets above 70 degrees C, so I doubt it's thermals. If it is power delivery, what should I do? I think the motherboard is still covered by the manufacturer's warranty, and I think I got one from the store I bought it from, too (MicroCenter). The downside should I have to do a store warranty is that the MicroCenter I got it from is like an hour's drive away. Any help is greatly appreciated
  4. Funny thing is I completely forgot I started this thread. Not too long ago, I had a friend offer to buy my RX 5700 full price I paid because his GPU died. I put that money towards a RTX 2070 Super that was on sale, so now I can just use RTX voice
  5. At least in my experience, PBO is not reliable on this motherboard. I have the same mobo, but a R7 2700X and it randomly hard resets under load. From what I understand, it's the VRM's at fault, as I have ample cooling (240 radiator) and there is no bluescreen crash dump or any events in the Windows event viewer. **EDIT** I also know it's not PSU as I have tried with an 800 watt unit and it does the same thing (I have a EVGA 550 G3 regularly)
  6. I have an MSI B450M Pro VDH Max, and my system just hard restarts when using PBO or overclocking too high. I'm fairly certain it's a VRM problem, as there is no actual error report in the Windows event viewer, or a bluescreen crash dump. I also have a 240 AIO cooling the CPU so it shouldn't be thermals either. I am stuck running mine at stock because of it.
  7. I have an RX 5700 (non-XT) and saw that RTX voice is absolutely amazing. I have a Razer Huntsman Elite with some very clicky keys, and you can almost always hear it in my recordings. I am just wondering if there is an equivalent solution to RTX voice that doesn't require an nvidia card. I know I could just edit out the sound in post, but with Audacity's "noise reduction" or "click removal" effects, it butchers my voice too. I have done some research into the options within each effect, and no matter the combination I use, it either doesn't do enough, or it removes or distorts my voice too. And yes, I have tried to install and run RTX voice on my system. I got it to install using the XML hack, but since it (RX 5700) doesn't have CUDA cores, the program just gives an error related to initializing the noise reduction. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  8. lately I've been pretty into Rocket League and R6S, but not very many of my friends play either, so I am looking for some people to play with! In R6S, last season I peaked at Gold 2 (iirc) and my current mains are Maverick on attack (still learning him) and Maestro on defense. I do rotate through a few others, like Warden, Nomad, Thermite, and a couple others. I am down to play either ranked or quick play depending on my mood. For Rocket League, It's been a long time since I got ranked, but I think I got like mid/high gold or low plat at peak. I usually play doubles with my friends, but obv I am willing to play the other modes, either ranked or unranked. I also have a private whitelist only Minecraft server running the latest snapshots, too. If you're interested in playing something, my discord is Calamity1911#4350. Just let me know you found me on LTT LFG.
  9. Around that price point, there are some compelling options but the #1 problem you will run in to is ghosting artifacts. I currently am using a monitor from around that price point, the MSI Optix MAG241C (144hz 1080p curved monitor, about 23in) and yes, it does indeed do 144hz and FreeSync, but in quite a few games such as GTA, I notice significant ghosting. In GTA, I notice it as a yellow smudge behind an object that is moving. Here's a link if you want to see it **EDIT** This monitor also works with G-Sync, although it is not technically on nvidia's recommended list. Most programs run fine in full screen or borderless windowed, but there are some GPU accelerated programs, like Paint.net and Handbrake (video encoding/transcoding) that cause stuttering and flickering.
  10. I recently got an original LattePanda with 4GB RAM and 64GB eMMC, and I decided to try to run a server off of it. I couldn't find many results as to how well it works, so I decided to test it for myself! However, I don't have a bunch of minecraft accounts at my disposal, so I can't properly stress test the server. Obviously, because it is a single board computer, it will lag a little bit. It has a quad core cherry trail atom processor, so I limited the server to like 8 people. It is running a lightweight Linux distribution, so overhead isn't a problem. If anyone would care to help me test it out, the IP is in the discord server I made for testing the minecraft server. Right now, it is basically an anarchy server, as it is running vanilla minecraft version 1.14.4 (or whatever the last 1.14 version is). I would like for it to become a relaxed server, where people just hang out and play survival, with no griefing or stuff like that. Anyway, if you would like to help me test the server out, here's the Discord server, and the minecraft IP will be in there! https://discord.gg/F3hBvmT
  11. I also just got done playing RDR2 and it hasn't restarted yet so maybe it's a bug with GTA?
  12. GPU reported power draw at ~150W and CPU is roughly the same. GPU reported in Wattman and CPU reported in HWMonitor
  13. Specs: R7 2700X w/ Wraith Prism Cooler 16GB DDR4 (2x 8GB) OC'd to 3066MHz @ 18-18-18-18-38 MSI B450M Pro VDH Max RX 5700 (non-XT) EVGA 550W G3 I noticed this when I was playing GTA V, and my PC restarted itself. I have done some basic troubleshooting on my own, and I know it isn't my RAM overclock or the PSU. I even reverted the BIOS settings to default, and it still happened. RAM passed Memtest86 with no errors, and when I hit both my GPU and CPU with a synthetic load (FurMark and CineBench R15 looping) it didn't restart. Temps were a little high (80C on the CPU and 70C on the GPU) but it didn't restart. During normal usage, it is completely stable (web browsing and stuff). However, when it "crashes" it doesn't bluescreen and nothing appears in the event viewer besides a critical message about how the system didn't shut down cleanly. It just restarts. The GPU is stock voltages and everything, just with a more aggressive fan curve. My first thought it a CPU thermal issue, but when I was running it under a synthetic load nothing happened. I don't have any memory dumps, so let me know if you need any more info. Thanks in Advance
  14. Well, I gave up with troubleshooting as running checkdisk and SFC didn't do anything, so I backed up a couple of my games and COMPLETELY wiped ALL of my drives. I've been using it for a few hours with no issues. I made a multiboot installer with a few Linux distros on it, as well as a Windows installer. I backed everything up from a live instance of a distro on that drive. I then booted into the windows installer, and went to troubleshooting and chose the command line option and used diskpart to wipe all of my drives. I then rebooted the installer and installed as I normally would.
  15. If you only want to do lighter games, you don't necessarily need that much hardware power. You could easily do something lower end in terms of CPU and GPU. I'd say even a GTX 1650 would work (or the rumored RX 5500)