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  1. Hey, i'm new here and maybe you guys can help me with something thats driving me crazy. So i have this pc: I7 3770 3.40GHz (non k), 8 Gb of ram hyper x ddr3, RX 480 8Gb nitro OC(HD 7870 2gb before) , gigabyte ga-h61m-s1, Corsair CX650m (new, no more than one month, before i was using a thermaltake tr2 500 i change thinking that it could be that my problem but i was not), it all started when i changed the GPU and monitor ( wich turned out to be a piece of sh%$t) it's a samsumg cf24f390 with freesync 60HZ (72HZ when Freesync is on), the thing is i'm having more than 100 fps on BF4 for example but terrible microstuttering and screen tearing everywhere , on BF1 the same from 60 to 90-100 but unplayable, and so with other games some worst than others, sometimes it's a little better with vsyn, but some games like Wildlands i can't play even though im reaching up to 70 fps. i've tried rivatunner with no success, freesync on-off, everything on low, windows mode, changed refresh rates from 60hz to 72hz and the other way around and nothing, diferent amd drivers, i have literally tried everything, this is my last hope before i change GPU and monitor hahaha. What do you guys think it could be ?? gpu-mobo not compatible ?? the monitor it's pretty bad it has terrible ghosting, inverse ghosting and flikering when it shouldn't due to the freesync but it was cheap so .... Well thas that i hope you understood my english. Live long and prosper