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  1. Flux Azreal

    C# checking filesize with Webclient?

    Then how would I properly do it?
  2. Using the non-pro version of filezilla i was able to easily make multiple users. With filezilla pro i seem to lack many features one of them being making more then one user. Am i missing something? There is no user setting or anything like that...
  3. Flux Azreal

    C# checking filesize with Webclient?

    I'm trying to check the file size of a file in a FTP server but it keeps giving me "0" i'm not sure why i try it on other things aswell some work some down like on this it won't ftp://speedtest.tele2.net/100MB.zip but on some it works like this one https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&source=images&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwiR6-3r-7XjAhWEm-AKHedzADcQjRx6BAgBEAU&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com%2Fimghp%3Fhl%3Den&psig=AOvVaw3EjuDLjwhqXdoxKhKg9Jl4&ust=1563247219877862 could this be because of a server setting? (using filezilla to host ftp server) var client = new WebClient(); client.OpenRead("direct link"); Int64 bytes_total = Convert.ToInt64(client.ResponseHeaders["Content-Length"]) / 1024; Console.WriteLine(bytes_total.ToString());
  4. Flux Azreal

    Windows Sandbox netframe bug?

    Im trying to use Windows Sandbox to test a VS program but i get this. I try installing .net framework but i get this (the link to downloading it came from pressing "yes") even tho there is nothing
  5. Flux Azreal

    Domains on FTP?

    Its been solved for a while. Thanks though.
  6. Flux Azreal

    FTP long response time?

    When using microsoft's ftp most of the time it just shows "Took too long to respond" and takes a couple refreshes to work. Does anyone know how i can fix this issue? speeds- 60mbps down 10mbps up ryzen 5 1600 SSD
  7. Flux Azreal

    Domains on FTP?

    That is correct.
  8. Flux Azreal

    Domains on FTP?

    Oh, i thought i would have to do something in the manager thanks
  9. Flux Azreal

    Domains on FTP?

  10. Flux Azreal

    Domains on FTP?

    Using windows's FTP how can i use a domain? (like no-ip) or FTPS can't take advantage of those?
  11. Flux Azreal

    Xlight help

    Which do you think is the best ftp server program? Or atleast the one you use. Thanks.
  12. Flux Azreal

    Xlight help

    What can i do so any random user can download files using Xlight? withought the need to login. my goal is to make direct links but when i try to itll prompt me to login which i dont want
  13. Flux Azreal

    Chrome 90%+ cpu?

    Whats your CPU?
  14. Flux Azreal

    Chrome 90%+ cpu?

    I don't beleave thats the issue. I have a vary strong CPU normally when im viewing content it goes from 2-10% 90%+ on a ryzen 5 is pretty ridiculous. And i do have acceleration enabled.
  15. Flux Azreal

    Chrome 90%+ cpu?

    I mean if i have no tabs open chrome would close itself. Normally this issue happens when im on youtube. (not all the time but sometimes it just spikes from 1% to 90%)