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  1. Then what mouse do you recommend? I’ve heard nothings been nothing but praise for the 502 line, even the new Hero is great with the thinner cable. So what get the 903? What about keyboards? Can they be wireless and still hold up to their wired counterparts? because from what I’ve seen of ROCCAT’s new Vulcan Aimo 120, it’s going to be a show stopper.
  2. 4TB SSD are expensive (around $700 the last time I checked), wire mouses are better, 16GB is all I need for gaming, 2080 Ti isn’t worth it as it’s also more expensive. Speakers might change for the Dynaudio LYD studio 7, got a guy that’s selling a pair for $640. As for 9 series 8 core, why?
  3. But the X product page lists a possibility of 360 in the top and a 420 in the front?
  4. Hey there! So quick thing to get out of the way - the parts list! PCPartPicker part list: CPU: Intel - Core i7-8700K 3.7GHz 6-Core Processor Motherboard: Asus - ROG MAXIMUS X HERO (WI-FI AC) ATX LGA1151 Motherboard Memory: Corsair - Dominator Platinum 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-3200 Memory Storage: Samsung - 860 Evo 500GB 2.5" Solid State Drive Storage: Samsung - 960 EVO 1TB M.2-2280 Solid State Drive Storage: Samsung - 860 Evo 1TB 2.5" Solid State Drive Storage: Western Digital - Red 4TB 3.5" 5400RPM Internal Hard Drive Video Card: EVGA - GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 11GB FTW3 GAMING iCX Video Card Case: Phanteks - ENTHOO EVOLV X GLASS (Silver) ATX Mid Tower Case Power Supply: SeaSonic - PRIME Titanium 1000W 80+ Titanium Certified Fully-Modular ATX Power Supply Case Fan: NoiseBlocker - NB-Multiframe M12-2 51.2 CFM 120mm Fan Case Fan: NoiseBlocker - NB-Multiframe M12-2 51.2 CFM 120mm Fan Case Fan: NoiseBlocker - NB-Multiframe M12-2 51.2 CFM 120mm Fan Monitor: Asus - PG279Q ROG Swift 27.0" 2560x1440 165Hz Monitor Monitor: Asus - PG27AQ 27.0" 3840x2160 60Hz Monitor Mouse: Logitech - G502 Proteus Spectrum Wired Optical Mouse Speakers: JBL - LSR305 82W 2ch Speakers Speakers: JBL - LSR305 82W 2ch Speakers Other: EVGA PowerLink, Revolutionized Cable Management! 600-PL-2816-LR ($10.99 @ B&H) Other: Monoprice 104777 6-Feet Premier Series XLR Male to RCA Male 16AWG Cable Other: Monoprice 104778 10-Feet Premier Series XLR Male to RCA Male 16AWG Cable Other: Adam Hall PAD ECO Series SPADECO2 Monitor Isolation Pad Other: EVGA - 1080 ti Hydro Copper waterblock ($79.00) Other: Bykski Temperature Digital Display ($119.00) Other: Bitspower G 1/4” matte black dual rotary 90 degree IG 1/4” adapter 2 pack x2 ($69.90) Other: Bitspower G1/4 Black Sparkle Triple Rotary 90-Degree Compression Fitting-ID 1/4" OD 3/8" x8 ($151.60) Other: Bitspower 15mm extender fittings x3 ($26.58) Other: Bitspower Premium G 1/4” Stop Fittings, Black Sparkle, 4-pack ($25.99) Other: Bitspower G1/4” Male to Female Extender Fitting, 90 degree rotary, black sparkle 4-pack ($59.00) Other: EK CoolStream CE 420 (Triple) Radiator ($99.99) Other: EK CoolStream PE 360 (Triple) Radiator ($87.99) Other: EK-XTOP Revo D5 RGB PWM - Plexi (incl. sl. pump) ($144.99) Other: EX RES X3 250 RBG ($76.99) Other: EK Cable Y Splitter 3 fan PWM x2 ($7.98) Other: Barrow Chrome Plated Dual Elbow Copper Ridge Tubing 14mm ($10.00) Other: 490mm Barrow Red copper Chrome plating metal hard cooler tube ($10.00) Total: $6136.61 Now on to the good stuff and why we’re all here! Rad placement! In the top, as per what I’ve found out about the X, the 360 and the 420 in the front. Now my question is, with the fans, will I have enough room for everything?
  5. So I’m getting the new Evolv X case and I wanted to add a small display for my temps, like this - Build here I really love the idea of it. I’m thinking of sticking it in the power supply window but I don’t know if it’ll fit, I’ve been looking for hours on trying to find the measurements on it- even tried going off the actual power supply but I’m at a loss at what to do. Any ideas? thanks
  6. So I’m looking into getting the new evolv X once it comes out, and I’ve been dabbling in getting storage to fit. Now I’d only be using the three visible 2.5” slots in the back of the case because I honestly don’t need 9 SSDs. I’d be adding VTech covers to match my build. Now my current idea is to have a 500gb boot SSD, 1 TB m.2 game storage, a 1TB SSD for backup and lastly a 4TB SSD for movies. I don’t want any HHD because I want it to be quiet. Thoughts? Thanks!
  7. So I have two options 1.) Corsair Dominator 16 GB DDR 4 3200 (2x8GB) Timing of 15-15-15-36 https://pcpartpicker.com/product/XxcMnQ/corsair-memory-cmd16gx4m2b3200c16 2.) G.Skill Trident Z RBG 16 GB DDR 4 3200 (2x8GB) Timing of 14-14-14-34 https://pcpartpicker.com/product/gT38TW/gskill-tridentz-rgb-16gb-2-x-8gb-ddr4-3200-memory-f4-3200c14d-16gtzr thoughts?
  8. Hey so need 6 fans in my case and I’d like them to be RBG. They’d be on radiators so I’d like things to be kept cool and quite any ideas? thanks! my only ideas are the Corsair HD120s
  9. But don’t SSD don’t improve games, just load times right?
  10. So my friend has two Samsung 960 EVO 250GB M.2’s and he wants to upgrade his storage. He doesn’t have any other storage in his PC, should he go with something like WD 4TB Internal hard drive or upgrade the M.2’s? He wants a lot of storage because the 500GB isn’t cutting it for his steam/movie collection. He has space for either one hard drive or two SSD’s.
  11. I’d also like to note that I changed the SSD to a Samsung 860 EVO 1TB 2.5”
  12. Changed our the PSU to 650, want the SSD for the speed and a 1TB will handle enough storage I’ll need for steam and the 4TB for all of the backup/movies I have. As for the overclocking, I want to get something stable first before trying it, seeing if it makes a difference, if it does I’ll keep it if not then I’ll stop, pretty simple.