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  1. I'm a super newbie at setting up an internet connection via ubiquiti setups. Where's the best place to find a complete walkthrough for setting up the ubiquiti pbe 5ac 300? I got the hardware set up, but I would really like a complete walkthrough on the airmax software. If there is a place to watch every button press I'd be happy haha, but I can manage with a more in-depth walkthrough.
  2. The line that goes to my house is old copper line, so that is the absolute fastest they can push out, it’s rarely that speed. They are going to go to fiber until they get state funding, which is going to take years. A friend two miles away has really fast Internet, and my two Ubiquiti 5ac-300s came today. Anyone know of a good walkthrough on how I set the software up?
  3. I live in a rural area that has very slow Internet speed. There’s only one ISP that runs a wire to my house, and it’s not fiber. My wife and I use a lot of bandwidth, so cellular and or satellite don’t work for me because I can’t deal with data caps. I run a business from my home, and needs and faster Internet. Right now the fastest Internet I can get for my ISP is 12 Mb down and 1.2 Mb up. I’ve tried all of the Internet providers in south eastern Iowa to see if they have Internet over long distance Wi-Fi antennas. Nobody services my house. I live in hilly terrain, and close to the bottom of a hill. I know my neighbors which are about a half mile away, and they’re willing to work with me on getting Internet to my house, but every house I’m close to there is one hill in the way. What are my options? I don’t need Internet beamed from 10 miles away, just a half mile. But LOS would require a 50 foot pole, i’m not excited about that. Also, my current ISP is willing to do Internet bonding for me. What’s the max lines that you can bond together? I think there are boxes that can bond together more than just two, but does my ISP need to have something on their end that can handle more than two connections being bonded at one time?