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  1. 8 minutes ago, Mateyyy said:

    The 5700XT is slightly faster than the 2070, which is slightly faster than the 2060S.

    Either card should work perfectly fine with an RM550x, unless you're running a Threadripper CPU or something else that itself will consume a big chunk of power.

    Thank you, i am running a ryzen 5 2600 atm i am not sure if that is a cpu that draws a lot of power

  2. Hi,


    I am looking to upgrade my graphics card in the coming months. I play mostly Rainbow Six Siege, Call of Duty MW, the Division and Ghost Recon wild lands. what would your recommendations be, i am also looking into upgrading to a 144hz monitor as well, would these cards be suitable for higher refresh rates and i noticed that they are around 550w to 600w recommended psu. is my corsair rm550x gold psu suitable for these cards 



  3. Hello, 


    I am looking to upgrade my CPU, Motherboard and ram. i am think of going with a Ryzen 2600, but i am unsure what motherboard and ram to go with. I have been looking at the Corsair Vengence LPX CMK16GX4M2A2666C16 16GB and the gigabyte b450 Arous Elite motherboard. i am not looking to overclock or anything. Would this ram work well with the CPU and MOBO



  4.  i live in Australia, i am a University student and studying computer science, mostly doing stuff with code and creating programs. Budget would be below $2500 (if its a bit over that's fine). Weight, i would like to keep low probably around the same weight and size as a Mac Pro or the blade 14. For battery life 6+ hours will be fine. i have been looking at the surface book 2 as an option as well.