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  1. So im. Buying a laptop and I'm stuck between these two prices are similar but lenovo has i5 9300h and asus has i7 9750h. Lenovo has 144hz screen while asus has 120hz one, and lenovo also has rtx 2060 and asus has gtx 1660Ti. Here are the pictures u can see the specs in the title of laptops dont mind the language on the pictures Im not from America.
  2. Found one of these in my tray the other day, I used to play old games on these when I was younger . Tell me your thinking of these or similar RAM's, I though it would be nice to post some old stuff from PCMR
  3. Petar04

    type c to 3.5mm

    Yeah that's what im trying to do Sorry for bad english (not main language). Thanks for advice
  4. Petar04

    type c to 3.5mm

    I am just trying to test what it would look like and will it work they are both working fine but on the 3.5mm earbuds have weird design and they come out of ears but type c have better design like airpods so im trying to replace it to see will it work if not I will buy new 3.5mm earbuds
  5. Petar04

    type c to 3.5mm

    Hi guys I have 2 earbuds one type c and one 3.55 but these with type c port are better quality, so I am trying to test if I can cut the 3.55mm jack from other earbuds and cut the type c and tinker the cables from 3.5mm to the earbuds that had type c (short-I want to change jack type c to 3.5mm without a dongle or replacing earbuds ) Im asking if its possible.
  6. yeah I found one and the price is around 300-350$ so yeah I didnt know to pick gtx 1660 super or rx 580 8gb ram but thanks for advice
  7. Alright, thanks anyway
  8. Its close to US prices around 30-40$ more.
  9. Type your recommendations for best GPUs in 2020 for 300$
  10. Im not sure about mine so I want to check others before I post to be sure.
  11. Hi guys, I have a problem. Im at my school forum and we need to deliver homework but I want to see others answers but I can't because I first need to reply to see the answers. So can I somehow bypass replying to see the text with inspect tool? Thanks :)
  12. So im buying a new monitor and I saw a pretty good deal to this monitor(Dell Flat panel 27" SE2717H, IPS, Gaming, AMD FreeSync, Full HD), Im looking for some feedback if someone has this monitor does it have a good color and what do you think of it overall Thanks ??
  13. Guys is iphone 8 plus a good buy in 2020? Does it compare good to other phones?
  14. Yeah im okay with the screen and that I agree with you that iphone has good color and nice video quality... I asked a guy to trade and he agreed but wanted me to pay 315$ more. So he wanted me to give huawei p30 and 315$ for iphone xs