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  • Birthday June 11

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    My heart belongs to pc gaming, but I'm stuck with a PS4 and a crappy laptop. This is soon going to change...
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  • CPU
    AMD A6 (quad core 1.8Ghz max)
  • Motherboard
    Acer motherboard
  • RAM
    4 gb ddr3
  • GPU
    AMD radeon r4 graphics
  • Storage
    250 gb SSD
  • Display(s)
    1366x768 fhd
  • Keyboard
    A laptop membrane squishy keyboard
  • Mouse
    Razer deathadder elite
  • Sound
    Some Urage Hama headset
  • Operating System
    Win 10 pro 64bit

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  1. MatteoX10

    Video games: The future bottleneck?

    I think some games will get a lot more realistic and why should higher FPS not matter ? I heard that the human eye can see up to 1000FPS. I'm not sure but a 1000FPS in VR and 8K (wich doesn't make a lot of sense), Will feel very responsive and realistic, even if the graphics won't get better.
  2. I know, with RGB I get a 53% performance boost in every task, but this time i'll stick with white and stilish stuff
  3. MatteoX10

    144hz monitor for my build

    I think 120hz should work just fine
  4. Oh,and RGB is still good, ill set them to white
  5. The Taichi was exactly what I had in mind! Please keep in mind that my build will be all black with white LEDs. This time I won't probably consider other LED colors.
  6. MatteoX10

    Does this config make sense?

    I don't think they'll be a lot longer
  7. MatteoX10

    Does this config make sense?

    The intel build seems better for premiere and gaming because of the hardware acceleration and the higher clock speed since games at the moment don't benefit a lot from extra cores. I'd choose the ryzen build because as I see gaming is not the primary objective for the build, and I suppose that 8 cores work better for rendering.
  8. Aaand... the final build is: Ryzen 7 2700x Ryzen stock cooler An AM4 motherboard that ranges from 150€ to 250€ Ram 16gb Corsair vengeance LPX black Zotax Gtx 1080 Amp! Edition Crucial 500gb Sata SSD and an extra 240 gb ssd Corsair RM850X 80+ gold Fractal Design Meshify C three or two Noctua black Fans and two corsair white led stripes
  9. Thank you all !!! You made me save about 210€ that I could waste on something that I don't even need!
  10. Is a Be Quiet! BK021 Air cooler good for the 2700x?
  11. I will stay with ryzen 7 2700x and not upgrade it since now I see that seems the best choice. I will probably take the power supply you suggested and dont get the extra thermal paste If the cooler comes with a tube or some preapplied one. Thanks!
  12. What about this one? https://www.amazon.it/Asrock-X470-Taichi-Promontory-Socket/dp/B07C1Z4RMT/ref=sr_1_21?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1533844925&sr=1-21&keywords=am4+atx I need the integrated wifi, and I'm probably going to add the second gpu before of the CPU upgrade. And, If ryzen 7 works fine, I can even renounce to upgrade it, so I need a good motherboard.
  13. Ok I'll go For the 2700x, what motherboard should I get for the same price as the Taichi? Or a little lower if possible ? ( I have to buy everything on amazon)
  14. At the moment I don't have the budget to get a 1920x(I know that it doesn't make a lot of sense), but I will upgrade it in the future, this is an entry level build.