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  1. if that's what makes them lit, what is the second cable for? or is is just for controlling and the second one is for cooling?
  2. and also, is there any danger in it? what will i miss while doing so
  3. Hello, i recently bought new pc case, on the front there are 3 rgb fans each with two cables, one to power them, and the second one i believe to control rgb, i know i have to buy a controller to control their lighting, but how about powering them? my mother board has two fans plugging options, cpufan and sysfan, cpufan has 4 pins and is taken by cpu cooling, the one left which is sysfan has 3 pins, so there is a question, if i buy a controller, is it going to not only control the lighting but also power them? my fans have 4 pins each so i need to buy a controller that fits them, but i dont know if it itself needs a 4 pin connector to mobo, can i get a adapter from 4 to 3 pins? is it possible? thanks mobo: h81m-p33 psu: silentiumpc vero m2 600w case: msi mag pylon
  4. well, it is less expensive right now, all depends on black friday, i don't also want to cheap out rest of the pc, if intel will be better deal tomorrow, i will try to grab a z390 from gigabyte, if ryzen then some x470, obviously i am going to overclock my cpu, so considering this, what would you recommend?
  5. i am comparing 8600k, i am not including the cost of the cooler, i know it is without one in box, but the coolers aren't problem for me as they are widely available in my place
  6. ryzen 2700 is about 332$ in my country, intel is 305$, including ram and mobo costs (mid price range, price/value parts) which is going to be more expensive? i did some research and see your point, the am4 is going to be supported until 2020, lga 1151 is dead, i see that threads make a difference, considering the price what would you recommend to choose?
  7. thanks for help so you say i should go with a ryzen? i am going to use this rig as a gaming pc so i dont think i need more cores this much
  8. well, this one isn't even available on market in my country, so what would you say about Gigabyte Z390 Gaming X?
  9. what z390 board would you recommend for good price/value?
  10. thanks, so the next question is the mother board, i'd like to overclock my cpu as it has unlocked multiplier, which one to choose aswell as ram?
  11. Hello, as the topic says, i'd like to upgrade my cpu, black friday is coming so i think it's great opportunity to do so, cpu will be mostly used for gaming so i straight up looked for an intel, and i found a i5 8600K, but then again i still looked for better offers and discounts and i found a ryzen 5 2600 on 30% discount, the question is, is it worth to go for intel, or ryzen and wait for upcoming am4 cpu's, the ryzen is a great deal but i know games depend on single core speed a lot, so what would you do? second thread is the real price? i mean new mother board and ram, what is it going to take to upgrade my curret setup including that cost? thanks Current setup: Mobo: H81M-P33 (lga 1150) Cpu: i5 4460 fully stock Psu: SilentiumPC Vero M2 Bronze 600w Gpu: MSI GTX 1080 8g gaming (overclocked) Ram: Crucial 8gb ddr3 1600mhz Drives: 1Tb Seagate 7200rp/m, 2Tb Seagate 7200rp/m, Samsung 860 Evo 250gb ssd
  12. what do you mean by that? i'm going to use it for gaming such like new fh4 or gta v so won't that be a problem?
  13. Hello, I have 8GB of crucial ram and I'd like to upgrade it to 16, but there's the problem, the ram i own is no longer available on the market and i can't find it anywhere used, there are few exceptions but they are way too expensive, they are priced almost twice as much than originally or unavailable in my country, can I just get the same specs one from different brand or will there occur a error and it won't go well together? Here's the ram i own: CT102464BA160B , that's DDR3 one stick 8GB of crucial ram 1600MHz CL11 with 8 modules on the side.