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Origami Cactus

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    Origami, VR, computers, TF2, 3D models
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    r7 3700x
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    ASUS X470-i
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    32gb 3200mhz Gskill Trident Z
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    Zotac 1080ti Mini
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    Sharkoon C10 ITX
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    8tb HDD, 4tb SSD
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    Corsair SFF 600w Platinum
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  1. Im am taking a permanent break from this forum.

    I just can't continue to waste my life away sitting on this forum for like 4 hours a day, every day. If you have read previous status updates you might know where this comes from.


    But unlike someone else, who will delete their account and all posts after Folding month,

    i will keep the account, i will just leave it in hibernation. Because even thought over 4 years i have been here the forum has gotten worse and worse, it is still a very good place to ask questions and have someone knowledgeable answer you right away. The community is good, even thought recently there is more and more people who just spam answers to questions they don't know about, just to get more post counts, and don't actually care about helping people. But those OG's who still actually answer questions, keep up the good work.


    So i might still come back if i have a tech related question, might even look at a status update or 2.


    But until then, bye. 

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    2. LukeSavenije


      oh, don't worry


      mortis created these ai in the first place


      he's like the ai overlord

    3. Windows7ge


      So you're telling me he was behind it all!?! Emma? Emas595?😮

      *Conspiracy theory confirmed*

      *Illuminati confirmed*

    4. Den-Fi


      It's safe to come back.

      It's gone now and can't hurt you.

  2. Temps are fine. If you want lower gpu temps mount the radiator to the top. BUT TEMPS ARE GOOD.
  3. I have the r7 3700x, so you can ask me stuff. I have the programs mentioned, if you want some benchmarks etc. The short story is that the ryzen 3000 series closed the gap with intel, so they are just as good in adobe programs, and even better in others. Now, for photo editing, 3700x is probably overkill, r5 3600 would work just as well. For video editing, i can edit 4k 60fps 10bit 200mbit footage fine in real time, with full resolution playback. The first guy was trolling btw, because your thread was lacking the general information needed to recommend a processor. TLDR: Depending on your budget constraints, get the 3700x, if that is too expensive, the 3600 will do fine, it will work for 1080p and even some slight 4k video editing.
  4. Unless you only play indie games and some fps games, it matters. AAA games are developed for console, and then ported to pc. So the next gen open-world games for example will probably finally take proper use of all 16 threads of the cpu.
  5. 3600x or 3700x. I personally would go with the 3700x because next gens consoles will use it, so for gaming it would be a safe bet. But depending on game optimization the 3600x will be probably also fine.
  6. If i remember correctly then on computex they showcased a few "interesting" designs which would fit your bill. Don't know if they are for worldwide release thought.
  7. Where the pixel watch at? And are the pixel buds 2 actually buyable in europe, unlike the pixel buds gen 1?
  8. It's good, but if you want the 660p then the smallest amount is the 1TB version. The cache size on the 512gb is just way to small to be useful. Especially if you want to put the OS on it, not just use it as a game drive.
  9. Yeah, my home setup is fully based on 4g and wifi, so no access to routers or cables.
  10. Yeah, having access to a router isn't an option.
  11. @Den-Fi I know you connected a QNAP nas to a PC directly, do you have any input on this topic?
  12. Switch between a pc and a NAS? My pc only has 1x ethernet port, so it wouldn't be possible? Or could i do USB tethering to the NAS with a phone? Does NAS need ethernet do function?
  13. So my setup would be nas directly connected to pc via ethernet. PC has internet via wifi. So can i update the NAS software and download qnap apps? Could it receive the internet via the pc ethernet connection?
  14. He was talking about zen 4 not zen 2. Threadripper 3000 = zen 2. So that would make sense, threadripper 1000 and 2000 are intercompatible, 3000 and 4000, and then 5000(zen 4) would be ddr5, and would come out in 2021.
  15. The bottom left is pretty extreme, so if you want to try your luck then exhange it, but keep in mind that you might receive a worse one.