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  1. Q1: I'm guessing if my refreshrate differs from my fps I'll get tearing no matter what. Ok, I'll look for reviews of G-sync capable monitors then.
  2. I just got my new 1080ti and I have some doubts I wanna clear before buying a decent monitor for it. Until now I had a 1080p 60Hz TN AOC screen paired with a GTX 770, V-sync on almost 24/7. I'm planning to buy a 1440p 120Hz+ screen. Question number 1: For what I'm seeing in many benchmarks, getting some games to 120fps+ is not possible with the max settings on with a 1080ti. Let's say I get 90 fps on X game. Would I need to activate V-Sync or G-Sync? Is there any image tearing for underfeeding frames to a screen? Question number 2: Are there any screens I really need to avoid? I mean, I'll be expending like 350$+, ghosting should not be an issue at those prices, right? Question number 3: On games I know I can get 120fps+ easily, let's say Osu! or CSGO, if I'm capable of feeding almost 200fps to the screen with my GPU, could V-Sync be enough for playing at 120fps or would it absolutely trash my gaming experience?(Maybe I do not exactly understand what V-Sync is, I know what it is for, but not how it works) Question number 4: Kinda related to the previous question. G-Sync. I doubt I'll be playing Overwatch, League of Legends or CSGO. I don't have many games where I know I'll be getting tearing for overfeeding frames. Also, I dunno if V-sync can be used for 120fps gaming. Is G-sync a "must", a "buy it if you meet these requirements(list them pls)" or a "don't bother".
  3. It does work, but the settings I change (volume, audio quality, bass, etc) from windows do not.
  4. Sound devices only shows it as an input device under the microphone section. If I go to the output/sound section it shows it as Generic USB speakers 3. My 3 options there are: Generic Speakers 3 Nvidia 240s Output Realtek High Definition Audio I suppose it should appear as "Lexicon Output" or something... Also, I dunno if "Generic speakers" give me all the config option Lexicon should support (audio quality, added effects, etc) I can try setting it up on my laptop
  5. Yep, first thing I did. (Sorry for the late response, timezones and stuff. I'm at GMT+2)
  6. Ok, so, here's the deal. I bought a Lexicon Alpha audio interface from one of my friends for 10 bucks(he bought a new interface) yesterday. I needed it cuz I was hearing a buzz sound with my headphones(ATH M50x) through my MBs connectors. I also tried installing a very simple audio card, same result, same ol' buzz was still there. So, now I have an audio interface I dunno how to set up. I mean, I did get it running but the Windows settings are not detecting it with the Lexicon Alpha IN/OUT name I see in every tutorial but as "Speakers 3". Also, I'm guessing I'm supposed to make some changes to the default Win10 config for the output to be of the highest quality as it can be? HELP
  7. The guy at the shop told me to come by. He flashed a new bios to the card and now it seems to work properly. Well, I would never have guessed that one. How to fix this problem: Step 1: Try everything else in this post. Step 2: Download GPUZ Step 3: Create a backup of your GPUs BIOS through GPUZ Step 4: Download Nviflash Step 5: Flash new BIOS to the GPU Hoping this post helps someone in the future
  8. I've tried several, most of them are blacklisted by Google. I ended up with Twilio because of their customer service.
  9. Well, sucks to be in Spain then. When I try to choose a number this happens: Translation from Spanish, red text: Google Voice is available only in the US. If you want to use Google Voice you need to register using a US mobile phone number. PS: I erased my phone number from the image before uploading it.
  10. The way in which I use Google Voice alike services(Twilio) is renting a phone number which I hand to my work contacts and then I redirect calls, SMSs, etc. to my real number from it. Why do I want a Google Voice number? Because it is free. The button you speak of may be a part of Google voice, but, I recall it just makes calls over wi-fi through gmail does not it? (actually curious stare) To set a number with Google Voice, last time I checked, you needed a US based phone number to get a Google Voice number. Is it different in Denmark? I'm writing from Spain. (actually curious stare, yet again) Google Voice Signup Also, you did need a VPN if I recall correctly, from Spain at least(you can look for tutorials of setting up a number if you do not believe me, example) to set a Google Voice account up. Else you got a "Google Voice is not available in your country" message.
  11. I was wondering how anyone can setup a Google Voice account while being outside the US nowadays. Some years ago a VPN did the trick. When that was patched a US based free VoiP phone number bypassed their registration requirements. Now most of VoiP number providers are, either blacklisted by Google or require a monthly fee. Any ideas? I myself use Twilio, 1 buck per month, but no cost is always better than any cost.
  12. Just sent my GPU to the shop I bought it from asking for a replacement. I hope the new one works properly.
  13. I've tried the MB swap. Nothing. Trying the Display Driver Uninstaller once I get out of work. I've contacted the shop where I bought the card, just in case, to ensure they will replace it if I wish to do so. Hoping the full driver uninstall thing works.