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  1. Hi Guys! My sister has an HP Pavilion X2 and she wanted to reset it so we did that in the Windows 10 settings, and she let it run overnight and it was stuck on 60% throughout the whole night. When she woke up, she decided to turn it off with the power button and when she turned it on again, it was stuck in a boot loop and for a split second, this could be seen: We decided to try and wait it out but after a few hours of no progress my sister turned it off again and before being stuck in a boot loop again, this was on the screen: Note that the keyboard of the laptop practically doesn't work so that's that. Does anyone know a solution to this?
  2. Hi everyone! So recently I've been wanting to switch my CPU cooler, since the one I'm using currently is some 10€ LC Power cooler, that keeps my CPU at around 75-80 C at load, but is just REALLY loud. This bothers me especially since I've been wanting to buy some open-back headphones because I've heard a lot of good stuff about them. CPU: AMD FX-8350 (AM3+) Case: MS-Tech CA-0300 Raptor NG Any suggestions on a good, silent cooler? I've never used AIO's before and they seem a tad expensive, so Air Coolers would be easier for me but if an AIO is SIGNIFICANTLY better than the Air Cooling options, then I'm willing to give it a shot. Any Advice is welcome!
  3. It's become louder & hotter over time, It's been like this for not so long, not even a year I believe. Also the freezes/crashes started at a similar time as far as I can remember.
  4. Thanks! What would you suggest to do about the noise though?
  5. Thanks for the suggestion! How exactly does reapplying thermal paste and reinstalling windows help btw? (not doubting you, just want to understand it properly) And yeah i understand the thing about the upgrade path, the Motherboard doesn't have great compatibility for a lot of current-day CPU's etc
  6. Hey everyone! So for a while now my 3-4 year old PC has been acting up every now and then, the occasional freezes, occasional blue screens of death and crashes during gaming etc. It also gets really loud and hot whenever I play basically any game, so I thought i might have to upgrade at least the cooler, and I thought I'd ask in here for some help. Specs: AMD FX-8350 CPU (~30-35°C idle, ~70°C load) with stock cooler (as far as I know) AMD Radeon Sapphire R9 380 Nitro GPU (~49°C idle, ~76°C load) MSI 970A-G46 Motherboard (~47°C idle, ~75°C load) 16,0GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 799MHz (11-11-11-28) RAM 236GB Intenso SSD Sata III ATA Device (SSD) 931GB Seagate ST1000DX001-1NS162 ATA Device (SATA) MS-Tech CA-0300 NG Case Games and such mostly run smoothly on pretty high / highest settings, but the occasional freezes, blue screens and the noise and heat when gaming are what made me write this. Also while I liked the case when I bought the PC, a new case would be pretty welcome, but my focus is on getting the thing quieter and cooler in general. Any Advice is welcome ^^ Edit: It isn't really the heat bothering me, but the noise is just too much and I was going to buy open-back headphones, so it's just really distracting and annoying all the time.
  7. Hi again, thanks everyone for the help, but to my own surprise I went with neither of those two that i listed and ended up ordering the Logitech G513 with Romer G Linear Switches ^^ thanks again
  8. Hi guys, this is my first thread on this forum and I'd like to ask for a bit of help to pick my first mechanical keyboard. I've read and watched a lot of reviews and narrowed it down to three main candidates: Razer Blackwidow Chroma V2 (Yellow Switches) Corsair K95 Platinum (MX Speed) Corsair K70 Rapidfire (MX Speed) From what I've read/watched, Razers Yellow Switches are pretty similar to the MX Speed. Also I like the RGB lighting on the BW V2 more than the one on the K95 and K70 and I've heard that the RGB on the Razer are brighter and more saturated than on the Corsair Keyboards. I do like the Media Control buttons on the K70 and K95, but I can live without them. Currently I'm striding towards Razer since I love the wrist rest, the RGB and the sleek and simple design, while Corsairs design is a little too in-your-face for my likings... Any advice is welcome! :D (Keyboard will mainly be used for gaming and occasionally for typing)