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  1. Hello! i recently build a great new system with some nice second hand deals and warehouse deals. its main features is a delidded 8700k@5Ghz and Dual Vega 56's on a 240hz gaming screen and older TFT TV. I use it for normal PC gaming, gaming on the TV/couch, video editing, after effects, music, animation, drawing and entertainment. Its pretty much central in my living room, a space for creativity and fun. I added some pics (little things have changed meanwhile, tablet for drawing, condensator microphone, tube amp, etc.) Where ever crossfire profiles are available I can output a lot of fps with competitive settings to feed my 240hz monitor. As a workstation the performance is fine too. I am still looking for ideas what I can do with a that computing power! There are probably a lot of things I dont think about that 2 gpus can do! Do you have any recommendations and ideas for me? Productivity, gaming, Experiments, etc ? Thank you! Details:- 8700k @5ghz (delid with liqud metal) - Dual Vega 56 (oc'ed, undervolt. etc)- MB: ROG Maximus Hero XI- Main Monitor (always active): 1x BenQ ZOWIE XL2546 1080p@240hz over Display Port- Second Screen (sometimes active): 1x Very OLD 42" TFT TV 1080@60hz over HDMI- OS:Windows 10
  2. Hello! I recently build a cool system with some nice second hand and warehouse deals: - 8700k @5ghz (delid with liqud metal) - Dual Vega 56 (oc'ed, undervolt. etc) - MB: ROG Maximus Hero XI - Main Monitor (always active): 1x BenQ ZOWIE XL2546 1080p@240hz over Display Port - Second Screen (sometimes active): 1x Very OLD 42" TFT TV 1080@60hz over HDMI - Edit: Windows 10 (Following Issues occurred over the last months over different updates) (ps: I always monitor Temps etc. ) Issue 1: Stuttering when using both Displays: My Main Monitor (Benq) shows weird stuttering when I also output a display to the 2nd screen. For example when I simply drag an explorer Window. It stutters like the "FPS" is low. Also in Fullscreen when gaming. - I usually clone(mirror) the displays. But the stuttering also appears when the display is extended. - I never have stuttering when i am just outputting on my main monitor (overall the system is stable, very high fps etc.) - The Issue also consists with just 1 GPU installed. - The Issue also consists with factory "radeon settings" Issue 2: Mouse Pointer dissapears on my Main Screen: When I use both displays (can confirm on mirrored for now), the mouse pointer disappears on my main monitor (benq) after lets say an hour. - If I disable the second screen, the issue consists. - If I reboot, its fine afterwards. - Sometimes the Pointer does not disappear, but will look distorted. Every thing else is fine. ps: I had these Issues with the recent radeon drivers. (i usually update asap when someting new is available) Can anyone here point me into a good direction, I have trouble solving those Issues! Thank you very much!
  3. Hi! Gaming with capturing, streaming and also video editing seem to be a quite popular demand now. Games afaik currently perform best with cores (4) on very high speeds. Are there limitations for manufacturers to make a sort of "hybrid" cpu? For example: 4 fast cores for gaming 4 - 8 additional slower cores for other operations Is this something inconvenient or unpractical? If so, why? I'd like to learn! Thank you very much!
  4. I remember this video, hmm you are right, the heat generation could be compared.
  5. Hello everybody! Could you please help me with this Question: What would happen if I put a normal fanned water cooling block (for CPU cooling) into a mini fridge, at lets say 3 degrees celsius (above freezing point)? - Would it just heat up inside the mini fridge, canceling out its purpose? (Lets say my CPU Idles at 40°c with 70°c under load.) - And if it somehow works, would I have to deal with condensation crawling into my case? (like with sub ambient temperature cooling?) I searched the web for this and found similar post but no decisive conclusion. I've created this extremely elaborate graphic to enhance the reading experience: I also tried to get an understanding at where the Dew Point for condensation could be, by using this tool: Thank you for your help and insight!
  6. There is another Video with the Build, but i could not see what exactly he uses for cooling, just the fluid and the blocks. Correct me if i am wrong:
  7. So afaik most games will utilize not much more than 4 cores ...right? How practical is it to boost 4 Cores to a higher Boost Speed and assign those to the games?
  8. Thank you! Meanwhile i found interesting Overclocking Results with the Get 1 Threadripper!
  9. The Threadripper 2950X's Boost Clock is already 4.4GHz according to specs. If that could be pushed to 4,7 Ghz it would have the same turbo as a 8700k, but with 10 more cores and 20 more threads! I do not know how well Threadrippers can be OC'ed, but i am intrigued! Edit / ps: If it achieved a similar Result for gaming but much more Power for Rendering it could be an optimal CPU for me.
  10. Video: I render ALOT h265 clips with Premiere. ...alot. I also use AFX. Games: I play most of the modern shooters currently on 144hz 1080p. Will upgrade to ultrawide at some point. I do not stream but i used to record. I want to continue, but only if I feel no performance Issues. (I could also use an external system for capturing)
  11. Hi! These are the specs that recently dropped for the upcoming 2nd Gen Ryzen Threadripper 2950X: 16 cores, 32 threads, a base clock of 3.5GHz and boost clock of 4.4GHz, for $899. Does anyone know at what FSB they will / could run? How far do you guys think we could overclock it and how? If we push a little over the 4.4ghz boost clock, how do you think could it perform in gaming compared to a 8700k for example? I am looking for a new video rendering / gaming CPU and am wondering if this could be a neat choice for me. Thank you for your feedback!