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  1. My 1660ti broke a couple of weeks ago. Returned it to the store cause of warranty for credit and realized that a 2060 is sitting on the shelf for 20$ more than the credit I received "$270". My question is, is it worth paying for it or should I stick with a 1660ti?
  2. This should be fixed from the control panel of your GPU using NVIDIAs control panel
  3. Go with HWMonitor it's a free to use program. Enjoy your PC!
  4. I really suggest you getting a mesh network since it makes it easier on you to easily configure your devices without playing with network settings. I personally use the Linksys Velop that has application setup support and support Ethernet linking. If you're not into spending money on a mesh solution. There really isn't a way to create a mesh network with different routers since they cannot communicate to each other in terms of knowing which router to connect to in a given space. You should change the routers names according to floor numbers. As for the DHCP servers you could find many videos and tutorials on how to link one router to another using an ethernet cable and only enabling the main router. Hope this helps!
  5. Looks right. Plug it in into a usb 3.0 port in the motherboard IO (The one with the blue plastic) and hope for the best. Good Luck.
  6. What USB are you using?
  7. I suggest you wait until it says finish the process and wait till the program exits. Then you could proceed with removing the flash.
  8. New motherboards technically uses both 3.0 and 2.0 USB drives to install windows on. It shouldn't be a problem!
  9. You could go with the B550 motherboard since you'd have the PCIE 4.0 with the upgradability down the line if you need it.
  10. 1) Try plugging it in from the back. 2) Try using different USB sticks. 3) check if the Windows Installation is correct. As long as you are able to enter the BIOS settings you are good. Good Luck!
  11. https://www.amazon.ae/dp/B07889Y2P9/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_YcdsFb0AEA5EN This would be more useful since it's directly mounted behind the TV
  12. You could invest in a wall mount for the PS4 and secure it behind the TV. You could also get a small tracker and be able to track it down if he sells it and get it back. If you need anything else, I'm happy to help!
  13. It's a really nice build tbh! I will definitely take it into consideration if I change and my mind and go to team red. The thing is I'm doing a build that is built on components I have such as the MOBO and GPU. Since I do not have the time to wait and sell my components, I'd rather just pay a bit more for an 8th Gen i7 or a ninth gen i5 since I'd be using it for medium setting gaming and some autocad drawings.
  14. I am planning on installing a couple of intake fans for ventilation in the cupboard. As for using the cupboard as a case, I would rather have a case to be able to move it in the future
  15. I haven't planned which monitor I'd be using yet. It would probably be a 1440 monitor with a 144hz maybe. I wouldn't mind getting a decent power supply.