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  1. kittygamer2023

    I need help!

    1080p or better is ideal wifi enabled would be nice but is not a requirement. in terms of brightness it needs to be bright enough to see clearly with the lights on,
  2. kittygamer2023

    I need help!

    I am looking for a home theater projector for $300-400 USD if you have any suggestions please let me know
  3. kittygamer2023

    I need help!

    just video
  4. kittygamer2023

    I need help!

    I am looking for a projector around $300 USD and would like it to be pretty portable. I will be mostly using this for a home theater. 1080p or better is ideal thanks.
  5. kittygamer2023

    I need help!

    ok nice thanks
  6. kittygamer2023

    I need help!

    ok thanks!
  7. kittygamer2023

    I need help!

    So i am building my first PC i will be doing light photo and video editing as well as some gaming. I would like to keep the price around $700 US dollars. What would you change? https://pcpartpicker.com/user/kittygamer2023/saved/#view=XnbqkL
  8. kittygamer2023

    Best gaming laptops under 2000

  9. kittygamer2023

    help! can you get white pillar key caps i can find any!

    i want it like this but i cant find any to buy.
  10. can you get white pillar key caps i can find any! please drop some links
  11. kittygamer2023

    Discord Not Detecting Headset Mic, But PS4 Does

    this is really weird let me see if i can find something out
  12. kittygamer2023

    Looking for help with first gaming pc build

    it looks pretty good but what he said, are u planing on doing anything other than gaming?
  13. kittygamer2023


  14. kittygamer2023


    extended or normal sized?
  15. kittygamer2023

    OC Capabilities question

    i would pass until motherboard can be upgraded