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  • CPU
  • Motherboard
  • RAM
    3x4 corsair vengeance, 3x2 industrial brand
  • GPU
    Msi GTX 1060 3GB
  • Case
    Nexus Clodius ONE ventilation PRO
  • Storage
    500 Gb's SSD 750 Gb's HDD 1 TB USB
  • PSU
    Be quiet
  • Display(s)
    Samsung S27
  • Cooling
    Be quiet Shadowrock TF2, pure wings , gold wings
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Sound
    xonar, creative speaker set
  • Operating System
    10 PRO

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  1. Christiaan21-03

    Looking for pcie m2

    Similar speeds you say? I have a crucial p1 installed, 500 gb's, they have those in 1 & 2 terabyte capacity too, they are somewhat slower if i remember it correct but still amazing speeds. Its the speed value that drives up the cost of the m.2 drive
  2. Christiaan21-03


    That much is true EvilWendie. I just had to look up my booklet too and indeed.. it just says remove old card insert new card install cd …..
  3. With the right answer already chosen in mind i still would like to add that if you buy the latest tech, with your own type of usage in mind, school-related, casual gaming ( what kind of gaming ) internet stream machine your always be future proof by default
  4. Christiaan21-03

    Dutch Talk

    De backplate kan misschien wel iets schelen maar ik weet niet of het echt een probleem zal zijn in een goed geventileerd systeem. Ik kan me evga wel herinneren van een 1070 founders edition voor een nieuwprijs van bijna 1600 euro dacht ik zo.... maar goed dat is toch iets anders dan een, in mijn ogen compleet doelloze aanvulling van je productlijn! … toch even zeuren... Ik zou nog wel een keer een founders edition van Nvidia zelf willen proberen. Ik hoorde trouwens ook hele goede recensies over Gigabyte's kaarten.... het zal eerder dat merk worden of misschien weer een rog voor de volgende aankoop ( navi )
  5. Christiaan21-03

    Dutch Talk

    Ja klopt helemaal. Van de gtx 770 msi twin frozer naar de 1060 gaming x … Ik mag dat rode wel met de draak... Ik snap ook eigenlijk niet echt hoe het met de armor versie zit, de backplate is wat anders en volgens mij zit die net wat lager in z'n clock maar als je dat dan weer in de winkel ziet liggen voor 20 euro goedkoper denk je ook verspilde moeite
  6. Christiaan21-03

    Dutch Talk

    Ah nice … is dat 3 slots wat dat kreng in beslag neemt? Ik heb ooit nog eens naar de red devil van powercolor gekeken, ook met een massief koelgebeuren en drie slots Here is mine, de setup is iets veranderd. de top rechts cooler zit nu recht boven de cpu cooler en de bottom cooler zit nu zoals in de tweede foto de gpu is een 1060 gaming x 3 gb van msi een ryzen 5 @ 3,9 ghz en 4 x 8 corsair vengeance
  7. Christiaan21-03

    High cpu usage and low gpu usage +(pictures)

    That game needs a lot of video memory! ( managed to stay away from that particular game ) Still it is a pretty old game it could be that the game really only uses that much cores on your gpu... the 11 gb needs to be filled ofcourse and all open world games ask a lot of your cpu, coupled with a 8700 or 9700, 9600 your p.c. will be a beast again (y)
  8. Christiaan21-03

    Dutch Talk

    Ziet er gaaf uit! Wat is dat voor moddervette kaart die je erin hebt geplaatst?
  9. Christiaan21-03

    What are some great older games for pc(pre-2010)?

    2013 was its p.c. release. I just checked the steam store page. I also noticed a new mod coming and the announcement of a remade version of FF VII I tried a ps emulator once but sadly it never worked for me... I tried this with a couple of god of war games
  10. Christiaan21-03

    Help me choose a case and CPU cooler for my build

    well, i just read you decided on going stock cooler... I guess the case you wanted, the corsair spec06 rgb case, is as good as any, maybe even slightly better with all those good reviews out there. Bigger might be better for airflow but you will also need bigger fans that blow harder in a larger case, i'm not sure about what will be most effective for you since my experience only goes for midi cases with mid tier builds…. The 2080 is really something… I'm suddenly reminded of a couple of case reviews, midi cases with 2080's that became pretty hot, i guess that will be your biggest challenge to keep the heat from the gpu in check …. I've seen cases , top down cases that were pretty much suited for that job … 3 fans on the bottom and the first objext they meet is the 2080... 3 on the top and one one the back which could be the fan for the cpu fluid cooler …. Sounds great when i write about it you know
  11. Christiaan21-03

    Why tech is dead

    The mentality alone is enough to say your completely wrong. if you want to use a p.c. as a console go right ahead but.. that will cost you dearly. The wrong use of tech is just as helpful to the downfall of tech as is wrong inspiration. I guess the story of native locals coming in contact with a higher technologised civilisations still does apply in a certain way.
  12. Christiaan21-03


    It is an 4x game in a excessive, that is what the map type is named, universe filled with 12 other opponents and a whole lot of options and calculations. Atm turns only take about a minute on my p.c. but i guess in a couple of years in game time i will be happy to do 3/4 turns a hour. So in short.... this 'game' simulates an entire galaxy, economy, political, military wise and the occasional odd occasion on a slightly harder then normal difficulty level. I can acces another map but that is 12 cores 64 gb's and certainly when i choose to have a lot of stars
  13. Christiaan21-03


    Requirements for this map.. At least 8 logical cores and 32 gb's of ram.... (1050 ( ti ) ) eat that battlefield !!!!
  14. Christiaan21-03

    Help me choose a case and CPU cooler for my build

    this case looks a lot like my be quiet silentbase 601, closed front side but with an almost open bottom for the be quiet case.... I'm satisfied with the temperatures at the moment but i'm nowhere near your amount of TDP produced, with a ryzen 5 2600 and a gtx 1060 i'm usually around 30 degrees celcius system idle and about 50 cpu, 55/60 gpu 30 system under load. To accomplish this i use 3 outlets 1 back 2 above, 2 front intakes, 1 bottom intake and the be quiet shadowrock tf2 cpu cooler. I've seen the corsair case your after being named as one of the better budget cases so you should be oke with a water cooled build i guess, that is if you want max performance and silent handling
  15. Christiaan21-03

    I find the console wars confusing.

    There are always people who like to support their local soccer club, go out drinking with there mates when its league time, end up fighting because, well they have been treated like shit all of their lives and are kept ignorant about this fact. Deep down below their subconsious knows what is the real truth but years of mental abuse and being looked down upon creates this kind of fanatical behaviour, couple this behaviour to children during there foundation phase and voila.. you have a cesspool from which only the ones with proper house education will have a good chance to succeed in a healthy manner.. Anyway i always look at it like this, Nintendo, family casual Playstation Teenagers Xbox adults that don't want to grow up pc elderly that never know how to be a kid