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  1. Consider the Acer Swift 3 SF314-52G (i7-8550U, MX150). The display is a bit dimm (~220cd at max) but it has over 7 hours of runtime. srgb ~55% If you can live with the display it packs quite some power.
  2. Nobody till they are actually revealed?
  3. I remember the Acer not having the best thermals. Have to look at the vivobook before I can say something more dedicated. EDIT: The acer does not have bad thermals. It looks like a great allrounder.
  4. The fridge would have to be running all the time (which most dont because that is loud). Otherwise it would be cooling stronger, but not more efficiently. If one would go that far it would probably better to build a custom system for cooling with a fluid like in the fridge (I wont go into details here). EDIT: not more efficient because you have another part to power, the cooling itself would be amplified
  5. Ok thanks. Then it seems I misunderstood the actual influence of bandwith.
  6. I meant without bottlenecking the GPU too much. (I now hate the word bottlenecking) It would be unreasonable to use a GTX1080 on a PCIe 2.0 with a x4 bandwith. Thus I am wondering how much bandwith the lower end (GT1030) GPUs actually need not to be limited in an unnecessary manner.
  7. Hey there! I wondered if anyone knows a GPU which is using the bandwith most effectively. (Use in case you wonder is a dual gpu setup where one runs Linux and the other a Windows emulation, got the idea from the video about gaming on Linux with Wendell from Level1Techs).
  8. I would recommend waiting a week till the new nvidia gpus are announced and look if its worth waiting for stock of them to arrive. It is hard to plan with a wildcard like that in the next few days
  9. I think you would need to upgrade both not to make a great bottleneck.
  10. The gold processor is not bad or anything and I think for a 1050ti it should be sufficient. What loads do you get during games?
  11. Phantooks Evolv mini-itx (kind of cheating because it sadly is quite big for mini-itx)
  12. LePips

    Price drop

    not too much because they are holding back the new series anyways
  13. Start off with new thermal paste, you could also try clean your fans and look if they are still running smoothly.
  14. Was it always this loud or has it become louder over time?
  15. I would recommend waiting for the announcement of the new nvidia gpus. They might push the prices a bit or be worth buying themselves.
  16. Thermal paste dries out and thus loses thermal conductivity. Reinstalling windows can help because then parts of code slowing your computer down are deleted.
  17. Does not look extensively warm to me.
  18. I think the CPU is soldered so you wont be able to do a CPU upgrade. There are only very few laptops which actually have swappable CPUs (mostly desktop cpus)
  19. The boxed (included) cooler is made so it fits the thermals of the processor (not overclocked, as you are not buying a k that is not of concern). However they just give you a cooler so your cpu can work out of the box and there will be more silent ones on the market. I dont know how *loud* the boxed one here is but it generally is not silent. I havent bought thermal paste myself, but I think Linus has a video for it. You could also consider one of the liquid metal pads (Coolaboroty I think has good reviews, here is a video on liquid metal pads: Linus video)
  20. The CPU is not unlocked so you wont "need" another cooler, however if you want it more silent then you probably want one. (dont know how loud the boxed is) Thermal past should be seperate.