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  1. Dont know where this would belong on the forum. Figured i would put it in general just because. Does anyone know what i up with this? signed into floatplane today and say the kobito ultimate package.... almost tempted to buy it just to see what is behind the pay wall..... but y'know 1337 japanese yen no idea what that is in american at the moment.
  2. alright, i see i will have to be a little more clear. i am suggesting, that you put a pc, which has chilled liquid cooling. Into a bath of mineral oil in order to prevent condensation build up. Since when you go sub ambient on the chiller, you are more than likely to get some condensation. Like you have a gpu and cpu block on a test bench, and set the whole rig in a mineral oil bath. preventing any risk of condensation build up. alternatively you could use a novec solution. however i dont know how novec reacts with water. specifically novec 7000
  3. there are many different novec fluids. novec7000 is designed for low temperatures, they use different fluids for the novec pcs you see. I am suggesting using novec 7000 as an insulator for a subzero pc. with tubes leading to a cpu block and gpu block
  4. i am wondering how thick, if it gets solid at a point it could potentially act as a barrier for any condensation. otherwise, the novec 7000 is a potentially good solution.
  5. You have all seen the video by now. great stuff. My question is, could they submerge their pc in mineral oil to prevent condensation build up? anyone know how mineral oil behaves at low temperatures? I had just heard on the gamers nexus live stream that linus was invited by a brewery to use their industrial chillers. I was thinking this is a possibly a good way to prevent condensation build up. ALTERNATIVELY. There is novec 7000 which can operate in temps as low as -120 Celsius. Only problem is i have no idea how it interacts with water. http://www.me.umn.edu/courses/me4331/FILES/NOVEC7000.pdf
  6. its definitely worth delidding. however on a cpu like the 7700k you are gonna want to buy a legitimate delid tool. dont just wing it and use a razor blade. conductonaut is arguable the best liquid metal. i used silicone adhesive to put the ihs back on.
  7. a system can vary up to 16 CB points depending on the background load. well within margin of error.
  8. to go against the grain here, i would pick up the 1060, in fact i did for my little brothers build. the 3gb version. if you are playing 1080p at 60hz you wont need anymore than a 1060 6gb to operate effectively. although perhaps not at that price point. i would ebay a 1060 friendo. than take the cooler off and replace the stock thermal compound with some good stuff, mx-4 or kryonaut. i got my 1060 off ebay for less than 200. worth the cash in my opinion considering its only 1080p gaming.
  9. reference time 5:24 just in case it doesnt send you there in the embedded video. i suggest delidding the thing and you should be able to pick up a cheaper cooler without much worry.
  10. I hope i am not breaking any rules by linking to toms hardware. http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/261145-31-perform-steps-posting-post-boot-video-problems 20 steps one should go through. every time i have posted before in regards to something like this, i am linked to this. try 1 stick of ram in the b2 slot. you could have a defective cpu with odd lane support, or a bad stick of ram. but i will say that there is usually just one little thing that is preventing a post.
  11. personally i would like to see something like this done. it is in no way practical but it would sure look cool. you could theme it aswell.
  12. as it turns out the 1st ram channel on the motherboard took a dive. so using just the 2nd and 3rd ram channel got it to boot.
  13. the 1000 watt power supply is a remnant of the days when i was rocking dual r9 390s. those things where power hungry when crossfire actually managed to work. still no where near the performance of a 1080 ti anyway.