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  1. yeah i know thats why i cant tell if its bottlenecking lol
  2. it probably is but maybe i just think the fps is bad because my persona rig is 1080 with 8700k or maybe it actually is a bottleneck but who knows
  3. i was testing out temps are good usage is about 50% on games with 1070 and probs 80-100 on cpu on fortnite all epic settings he gets around 80-100 csgo max settings 100-200 i feel like the fps jumps alot but maybe not it might just be cpu bottleneck
  4. a i5 4440 compared to a 8600k how much performance in fps do i lose? would you know?
  5. hi i bought a used gpu on lets go and its the 1070 msi armor i bought it for my brother and was wondering i think his pc is having major bottleneck he has the i5 4440 hyperx 8gbx1 and a 1070 i was wondering if im getting major bottleneck i cant tell but i feel like i am
  6. on nvidia panel it says overclocking higher may cause damage and increase heat and voltage
  7. can i overclock in a game to see if anything changes colors wise?
  8. so the new asus monitors have a preset to let you overclock? thats sick
  9. well i saw a linus video today on the ROG winner thing and he overclocked 144hz to 160hz
  10. if you revert the overclock the monitor then revert the overclock will it change the colors back to normal?
  11. can i overclock my 144hz 1ms monitor its AOC. what will happen if i overclock my gaming monitor and how high can i overclock what will happen?
  12. so lets say i got a 8700k would it work fine with a z390 or better could it oc higher or can it only max out at 5 i heard the new 9700k can go to 5.3 max but i dont know i was going to get a z390 because its newer i just thought it would be better for either cpu but idk
  13. i know they are also cross compatible i was just wondering the difference between the 2
  14. either 8700k or 9700k and ill be maxing out oc
  15. which motherboard series should i buy last year or this year i dont know the difference but i know z370 is alot cheaper