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  1. So I've got an old system I built back in 2011 ish. It still runs games great, but I'm wanting to get into a "hyperthreaded" cpu since it's just a quad. The platform consists of an AMD Phenom II 965BE (OC'd to 3.7 gHz) with 16g of corsair vengeance RAM, a 250g Samsung Evo SSD, and a Gigabyte R9 390 8gb. I was hoping to upgrade to a threadripper (because why not, and 1/2 the price of an I7 still) and build another 5+ year capable rig. Obviously RAM and GPU availability are keeping me from upgrading, but I'd still like to. Would the R9 390 work okay on this setup? Assuming I get 16gb of decent RAM to go with the Threadripper? Maybe go with the 3.8Ghz 1900x instead of the 1950X?