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    Is Your Gaming Rig Being Bottlenecked??

    I've been in the dark about this for a while and I figured I might as well join now and ask because it's starting to bother me. My system is currently an older one with an i7-4790, 16gb of DDR3, and a GTX 1080. I play competitive Overwatch at extremely high FPS at 1080p. I have almost all of my in-game settings on low and my FPS is generally hovering around 230ish when in a team fight. I have been considering upgrading to an i7-8700k and 16gb of DDR4 finally but I want to be sure that I actually need to. Other than Overwatch I don't play very many games. Sometimes some Rainbow 6: Seige but I'm almost exclusively an Overwatch player. I edit and render videos as a hobby but it's not that big of a problem for me right now with my current setup. What sort of gains should I expect to see with an 8700k? Should I even worry about it?