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  1. AMDX9

    OBS stops streaming randomly

    Does it say that it is trying to reconnect? What are you streaming to?
  2. AMDX9

    Internet switch making my minecraft server complicated

    I can't find any information about your service provider blocking ports (Assuming I am looking at the right one). From what I can tell about your set up so far port forwarding on your router should work. Is it possible for you to bypass your router temporarily and connect your computer where your router would normally be?
  3. AMDX9

    Internet switch making my minecraft server complicated

    Hm that looks like a PoE injector. Is that between your router and the dish? What service provider are you with?
  4. AMDX9

    Internet switch making my minecraft server complicated

    I didn't read anything confirming if you have a gateway or a modem.Is your network setup is modem/gateway -> router -> computer? If that is the case you would want to set your gateway to bridge mode so that your router is the one doing all the NAT, firewall etc and not the gateway. If you have a modem then you don't need to worry about bridge mode.
  5. AMDX9

    Internet switch making my minecraft server complicated

    Just to check, you are using Minecraft Java edition right? Are you using the dedicated server or hosting from the client?
  6. AMDX9

    Which laser printer?

    Thanks for reporting back and thanks for the recommendation. I will definitely take a look at that model.
  7. AMDX9

    Which laser printer?

    I would be curious to hear other people's recommendations as I am looking for a laser printer as well. Out of curiosity what kind of printing did you do on your Brother printer?
  8. AMDX9

    mega wifi

    I believe this is the relevant YouTube link: https://youtu.be/lYJFwXw1ZIc
  9. Your PC has a gigabit NIC? Otherwise you can check what speed your interface is negotating to by checking the status of your network adapter.
  10. AMDX9

    Ram Underclock ?

    Out of curiosity do you have XMP enabled?