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  1. TylerMH1996

    SSD + HDD Combo Question

    Thank you all! I appreciate all the responses. Got it sorted out!
  2. TylerMH1996

    SSD + HDD Combo Question

    So is there a way to set the default download/install drive to the HDD so that a customer doesn't have to manually select the HDD every time? Right now whenever they try to install a program it automatically asks to install to the SSD. They would like it to automatically download to the HDD without having to switch the drive location from the SSD to the HDD.
  3. TylerMH1996

    SSD + HDD Combo Question

    If I have an SSD and an HDD setup, SSD being where my operating system is installed, will downloading files to the desktop save the files to the SSD since the desktop is part of the OS?
  4. TylerMH1996

    Random shut downs after CPU and Bios Upgrade

    Was a RAM voltage issue. You were right. GG
  5. TylerMH1996

    Random shut downs after CPU and Bios Upgrade

    We got a reboot :'-(
  6. TylerMH1996

    Random shut downs after CPU and Bios Upgrade

    Night one with new RAM and no reboots. <3 we'll give it a week. Thank you if this works.
  7. TylerMH1996

    Random shut downs after CPU and Bios Upgrade

    There were two things I was hoping no one would suggest, CPU and RAM. But I'm thinking you're right. I'll let ya know how swapping the ram goes. Thanks for the suggestion m8.
  8. Specs Base Computer Dell Optiplex 755mt Mother Board Intel Q35 Express Processor Socket LGA775 Socket Upgrades BIOS Version A22 CPU Intel q9650 / 3GHz (No Overclock, yet?) RAM 4 x 2GB: Samsung 2GB 4GB 8GB DDR2 800MHz PC2-6400U DIMM GPU MSI GT 710 1gb DDR3 Low Profile Hard drive Seagate FireCuda 1000GB Internal 3.5" (ST1000DX002) SSHD (Solid State Hybrid) Powersupply Corsair CX500 80 Plus Bronze Active PFC ATX12V & EPS12V CPU Heat Sink Dell Optiplex Heat Sink D9729 0D9729 CPU Thermal Paste Coollaboratory Liquid Pro Extra Cooling 80mm fan, 30mm fan, stock CPU fan Operating System Windows 10 Home 64-bit Problem As far as I can tell the shut downs are completely random. As long as I don't run any applications it will stay on. Once I open an application like chrome to watch a YouTube video there's a chance that a shut down and reboot will happen, but it doesn't always happen -i.e. completely random. When it does shut down it resembles unplugging the power cable while the computer is still on. This started after I replaced the CPU, RAM, and upgraded the BIOS. It's not a power supply issue because I have tried fixing it with 2 different power supplies now; the base 305W PSU and the Corsair 500W PSU. I have download both CPUID and Core Temp to see how the CPU is holding up and it appears to be doing alright running at between 35C normal load and 55C under heavier load. At this point I don't know what to try next. I've read that the CPU and Mother board should run fine with the A22 BIOS so I don't know if a down grade to A21 BIOS is warranted. Also, I've never done a downgrade on a BIOS before so I don't know if downgrades screw with other drivers and if I need to do a clean install of Windows. If any one has any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated. I would like to try everything possible before I go buy a new Q9650. I understand that it would have been easier to buy a new computer but this was about the learning experience which has been amazing so far. If you need any other information, feel free to ask. Thanks in advance!
  9. TylerMH1996

    First Build

    I'm planning on starting my very first build but I don't know what I should be aiming at spec wise. I have about $700 to spend and would like to run dual monitors. Would also like room to build up in the future. Main Uses: -Opening 20+ tabs in chrome -Transferring data from those tabs into excel and database software. -Calculations in excel using multiple data sets and multiple formulas. -Database use through MS Access. -Multitasking (doing all these tasks at once) Secondary Uses: -Streaming/watching HD videos (4k would be cool but not necessary) -Minecraft "for the kids" -Daily in home use (file sharing, storage, etc.) Thanks for any input.