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  1. https://www.scan.co.uk/products/500w-evga-80-plus-fully-wired-sli-crossfire-single-rail-40a-plus12v-120mm-fan-atx-psu?gclid=CjwKCAjw9sreBRBAEiwARroYmw_k8mkT3u3zSWmD0eKAmIq0WZ9niqLqMgI1U33G_UPPDbzQ11Q8AxoC6EgQAvD_BwE Not the best but can't find anything better for less than £40.
  2. That's the CMOS battery slot, without a battery and power it will just keep resetting the bios. The batteries are normally CR 2032 so should be able to replace it fairly cheaply.
  3. I was trying lots of things as everything was making it hit 92oC. Don't worry though have set the GPU to 0.912v at 1910MHz which is maxing out at 85oC at full load. Also put fans back to the quiet auto. But thanks for you help though.
  4. Just in case anyone is interested, it now seems to be fixed with both GPU and CPU maxing out at 85oC under full load. Tried lots of things; another re-paste, massive under-clock to GPU, fans to 150% with it always still hitting 92oC after a couple of minutes, then the other day it just started to work normally again after trying nothing for a few days. so all a bit odd. I do however suspect there is an issue with the GPU cooling fan as there is a lot more air blowing out that side of the laptop, hopefully it wont happen again but if it does then will probably just replace the fans.
  5. So am I overreacting then ? Would it not shorten the life of the card for it to be running that hot (although will probably replace it in about a years time anyway). Thanks,
  6. But a GPU hitting 92 and throttling surely cant be good?
  7. Thanks for the replies, tried the under-volting which seemed to lower temps a bit but is still thermal throttling. Don't really have time now but will take apart and check everything as I don't recall GPU temps being this bad before I re-pasted.
  8. Changed the GPU paste at same time as CPU (yesterday).
  9. Thanks for response but powerlimit is greyed out and can't seem to turn it on.
  10. I re-pasted my laptop as CPU temps were always high (CPU now maxes out 85oc full load so happy with that), since then I have noticed that GPU temps are high mostly because they are boosting to 1750mhz on the 1060 even when the GPU is at 90oc. Any recommendation to limit the boost when the GPU is close shutting down from the temps. The Laptop is a GS63VR 7RF. Thanks for your help.