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    Rochester, NY
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    God, computers. PC gaming, Tattoos, dirt bikes, recovery
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    Tattoo Artist, construction, exterior home renovations


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    Dual Intel Xeon X5450's 8 cores @ 3GHZ
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    Dell Precision T5400
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    32 GB ECC DDR2
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    Dual 8GB ATI Radeon RX 580's
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    c/: 120 GB SSD, d/: 500 GB HDD, E/: 320 GB HDD F:/ 1TB WD Blue HDD
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    875 watt
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    ASUS 32" 4k 16:9
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    stock fans + extras
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    Corsair K55
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    Corsair Harpoon
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    Windows 10 Professional 64Bit

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  1. yeah i have 3 screens. a 4k panel as my main and two 1080p panels.. maybe thats the issue? ill try the other drivers. im using the "optional" ones now.
  2. i have linux on my sbc. im not a fan at all. and you just reminded me that i have the beta drivers for my graphics card.. maybe that has something to do with it.. but my audio and video are both stuttering and my audio is on my speakers via the MB 3.5mm jack. not through the hdmi on my graphics card. idk if that matters.
  3. yes, the reason im using firefox is because chrome started doing it first.. so downloaded firefox and had a few days where i didnt notice it so i thought it was a chrome issue, but now FF is doing it too.. and i JUST reformatted this pc like 4 or 5 months ago because of software issues.. it seems like 2 or 3 times a year im having to wipe and start over with windows.. i dont understand why all these issues are happening all of a sudden
  4. Does anyone have any idea why this is happening? It just randomly started happening a few days ago. I keep my PC immaculately claimed and sorted. It is defragged. Disk cleanup has been ran. Anti-Malware and anti-viruses have been ran several times.. my internet connection speed is around 130mbps. My CPU is running around 30% (which is abnormally high. It is usually around 8 to 10% when I'm only watching YouTube videos) but even at the 30% that should not be causing this. My ram is only at about 25% used. Nvme ssd C drive is at 0-1%. All other drives at 0%. Rx580 8gb is at 6%. CPU graphics at 0%. Only 2 tabs open on Firefox. No other background programs running.. I have absolutely no idea why this is happening but it's extremely annoying. Any help would be appreciated. 20200103_120807_1.mp4
  5. i know this isnt tech related (kinda) but i dont know where else theres a better group of people to ask about stuff like this. forgive me if this isnt allowed or wanted on LTT my son recentlyish turned 13 and that is supposed to be when youtube changes the account from the extremely simple and stupid "YT kids" to the normal YT that we all use.. does anyone have any idea how to change it? hes been 13 for 5 months now and they havent automatically switched it and nothing i have tried (besides signing out) has worked for getting him on the normal YT. and i dont want him to stay signed out because then theres no search history and i want to be able to monitor what hes up to online just in case anything were to happen. They give some long winded instructions saying something about downloading some new app on his android phone then on my android phone and switching something around on there.. i have done that.. i have done literally everything everyone everywhere has suggested i try and literally nothing i have tried has worked... someone please help.. hes been using some site called "googletunes" to watch videos and i have no idea what that is. im not trying to fix his computer every other week from viruses and garbage and clutter. regular ol youtube would just be best for everyone. idk why they even have youtube kids for 13 year olds.. maybe 6 year olds sure, but a 13 your old doesnt wanna watch blue's clues and teletubbies. lol. HEEEELLPPPPP!!!!!!
  6. ive tried those before and i just tried it again to double check and im still getting errors and its still not working.
  7. yeah ill pull it off the cd and upload it anywhere you like. do you have a place you prefer? and thank you for taking the time to help me with this!
  8. When I right click the install file it gives me the option to run it in terminal but when I try to nothing happens. Nothing opens. Literally nothing at all happens. The only way that I can get anything to happen is if I tell it to open with vim. And that just gives me a big huge long page of code that I have no idea what to do with
  9. oops, i spelled "install" wrong.. but i tried it again with it spelled correctly and it gave me the same result. "command not found"
  10. im gonna try it right meow. ty! edit: oh, i thought those were links to code. lol. the package says itll work on linux. and theres a driver cd it came with that i was able to load on the sbc with an external cd drive. i can access it and everything looks fine. i just dont know how to install anything from the disk. theres a linux folder in it. ill take a pic.