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  1. Newegg along time ago, but it runs everything fine just those random 100% from doing nothing, and i look and its always that antivirus shit Everything else runs fine on it
  2. Its Windows antivirus nothing i installed
  3. Nah just windows And its also a fresh install and ssd, it did it on both
  4. Cpu 17 6700k storage -samsung ssd Randomly out of no where antivirus executable maxes out my cpu Tried looking up guides to fix it nothing works HELP
  5. like that it just diqd p[eioqrtuwy eiopqrtuwy
  6. Woke up and it started to do it, sometimes i can type fine like right now and then 2 cmvx,.BNZ?|ertuwyiopq
  7. corsaip[eoqrtuwyr strafe typing problemZ?|BCNVX<> on keys