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  1. ok thanks its fixed now, so im guesing that driver was just bad
  2. wait does it automatically install geforce experience?
  3. do i need to install geforce experience first or no?
  4. hey i just finish ddu ing it but it didnt fix it should i try an older version driver?
  5. i just use the normal geforce experience program and hit reinstall driver
  6. i tried re installing the new version but it didnt work
  7. Hi, my laptop is an acer predator helios 300, after updating the nvidia driver i started to notice that my fps was well below what it should have in fortnite i was easly hitting 60fps(with v-sync) and now im only hitting 30 fps or below, i tried re installing the driver (version 417.22) but it didnt do anything, if someone can help me it would great thanks