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  1. Hi, im using Premire Pro CC(v12.1.2), a couple days ago i start editing a new video but suddenly mid editing my timeline stop working and when i press "play" the video wont play so i tried to restart premire and still the samething happens and sometimes the videos that i imported wont load. I tried to use a new project but the problem still keep happening. If someone could help it would be greatly appreciated thank you
  2. ok thanks its fixed now, so im guesing that driver was just bad
  3. hey i just finish ddu ing it but it didnt fix it should i try an older version driver?
  4. i just use the normal geforce experience program and hit reinstall driver
  5. i tried re installing the new version but it didnt work
  6. Hi, my laptop is an acer predator helios 300, after updating the nvidia driver i started to notice that my fps was well below what it should have in fortnite i was easly hitting 60fps(with v-sync) and now im only hitting 30 fps or below, i tried re installing the driver (version 417.22) but it didnt do anything, if someone can help me it would great thanks